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Your Name Is On The List: When 6 Words Change Your Life

After 25 years as a Human Resources Executive, Dale Kreienkamp heard the words no employee wants to hear, “Your name is on the list.” Those six words signaled his involuntary departure from a company he had spent the better part of his career investing in, and to his new status of unemployed. 

Undeterred, Dale went through the normal stages of unemployment grief (which, as he tells us, is a real thing people don’t talk about), but then regrouped and in doing so wrote a book entitled, “How Long, Oh Lord, How Long.” The book is a compilation of devotions for those who find themselves unemployed, those in the land of unemployment and unsure when it will end, those who want to support unemployed family and friends, and for leaders looking to get better.

As we chatted with Dale, one consistent theme emerged: your outlook will shape how you face hard times. Although no one ever wants to go through difficult life transitions, they are inevitable. How you proceed is half the battle. Now, as a consultant assisting in corporate reorganizations, Dale says more often than not he interacts with individuals who affirmatively state that being let go from their job was the best thing that ever happened to them. “You get comfortable,” he says, referring to those who make a decision to stay at a job and and then are forced out. “It’s usually long overdue.” 

Listen or watch this week’s episode to understand how even in 2019—potentially the best economy ever—21.9 million Americans still lost jobs. And find out how to march through unemployment, support a friend facing job displacement, or be a better leader when you’re having to let people go. 

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