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What’s The Best Pillow Position For The Best Night’s Sleep?

If you’re experiencing discomfort or waking up with aches and pains, it might be due to your pillows.

Chiropractor Dr. Rubina Tahir explains that prolonged poor posture during activities like sleeping, texting, driving, or sitting can lead to joint soreness. 

Pillows are designed to support the natural curves of your spine, but using too many can force your head into an awkward position, leading to stiffness and disrupted sleep.

Your choice of pillow and its placement depends on your sleeping position. Back sleepers should avoid stacked pillows and opt for support that maintains the curve of the neck, like memory foam or water pillows, while also placing a firm pillow beneath their legs to prevent strain on the hips and lower back.

Side sleepers benefit from bucket-style pillows and placing a wedge pillow between their knees for proper hip, knee, and ankle alignment.

However, stomach sleeping is discouraged as it can strain muscles and joints. If you can’t change this habit, use a thin, low pillow for better alignment.

The right pillow and sleeping position are essential for a good night’s rest and overall spinal health.

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