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What Should the Furniture Industry’s Slogan Be?

Got Milk? The Incredible Edible Egg. Pork, The Other White Meat.

Some of the greatest and most successful products in the world have slogans. And that’s because slogans are memorable and help keep products and services at the top of mind. 

They help consumers develop a positive relationship with a brand. (the slogans we mention above are not for a brand..more for a product. Better to say, they help consumers develop a positive relationship with a product, category, or even a concept.

So why doesn’t the furniture industry have one? 

Actually, back in 1997, the American Furniture Manufacturers Association (AFMA) earmarked $1 million for an industry-wide public relations campaign to do just that. They readied a “qualified public relations professional” to supervise the program, however, nothing significant ever came of it.

Some might say it’s too hard to create a cohesive slogan for the entire industry because furniture comes in so many varieties, unlike eggs or milk.

But here at the FAM, we laugh in the name of difficult challenges and meet them with pleasure. That’s why we came up with a few suggestions of our own for furniture industry slogans. 

But first, here are some of our favorite taglines from companies doing it right: 

  • Broad River Furniture – “Furnishing Life’s Best Memories”
  • Rooms To Go – “Everything You Need For Less”
  • Conn’s Furniture – “Monumental Home Savings”
  • Ethan Allen – “A Great Room Starts With A Great Piece”
  • El Dorado Furniture – “A Different Kind of Furniture Store”
  • Walker’s Furniture – “Furnish Your Life For Less”

Here are some of The FAM’s ideas:

  • Every Piece Offers Peace of Mind
  • Your Most Comfortable Investment
  • Adding Soul to Homes
  • Just Furniture, Just For You
  • Make Home A Happier Place
  • Come Home To You
  • Your Home—Your Way
  • The Memories Start at Home
  • My favorite, but maybe leave off? Furniture the other F-word
  • Same goes for this gem, too.  Furniture—the acceptable F-word.

It’s not impossible to find a slogan for the whole industry, and a strong, unified voice is going to suit all of us better than several separate whispers.

What do you think? Tell us your ideas for slogans.

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