SAVE THE DATE: Sleep Summit Oct 8-11, 2024

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The #1 Learning Experience for Mattress Pros Mastering the Art of Sleep and Sales.

Unlocking Sleep-Selling Superstars: The Impact of Good Sleep on Health, Productivity and Goals

Discover how better sleep can transform your life as Mark Kinsley and Dr. Kimberly Lemke unveil the secrets of the FAM Plus Platinum membership!

Join Mark Kinsley and Dr. Kimberly Lemke as they delve into the transformative potential of the FAM Plus Platinum membership. This episode is a deep dive into sleep wellness and its profound impact on health and productivity. Mark and Dr. Lemke underscore the necessity of fostering meaningful conversations about sleep and establishing a universal language to better engage customers. Their partnership is set to revolutionize the mattress industry by equipping it with the knowledge, training, and resources needed to enhance sleep health.

  1. Creating Sleep-Selling Superstars: The FAM Plus Platinum membership is designed to empower members with the knowledge and training required to engage customers in meaningful conversations about sleep.
  2. The Impact of Good Sleep: Quality sleep significantly boosts health, productivity, and goal achievement, with well-rested individuals having a 30% higher chance of reaching their goals.
  3. A Global Mission for Sleep Health: Dr. Kimberly Lemke, Mark Kinsley, and FAM aim to turn the mattress industry into a global leader in sleep health improvement through their innovative partnership.

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