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The World’s First Fiberglass and Chemical Free FR Cap

There’s a dirty little secret in the mattress industry and we expose this fiberglass and chemical-filled comfort killer with the help of Tietex’s President and COO, Wade Wallace, a self-proclaimed textiles geek.

We dig into details behind a mattress component that doesn’t get a lot of attention…that is until a mom removes a zipper cover and her kid ends up getting stung by brittle fiberglass flecks wedging their way into her baby’s skin.

FR Socks (Fire Retardant)

The culprit is FR socks, those fire retardant sleeves that assist in making sure mattresses pass burn tests. It turns out that adding fiberglass and chemicals are the easy ways to fade those flames and pass the burn tests, but the majority of FR socks are packed with junk you probably don’t want to be nested next to your skin for eight hours a night.

Then there’s the comfort factor.

And this is where the story starts and one of the reasons Wade and his team created SmartCap, the world’s first fiberglass and chemical-free FR cap.

Comfort Cap

SmartCap features uniquely engineered stretch that is gentle, comfortable, and omnidirectional. What does this mean? All that work that went into making a mattress comfortable isn’t sabotaged by a rigid, fiberglass-filled FR sock.

SmartCap is comfortable, fiberglass-free, chemical-free, durable, and much easier to install because it’s a cap, not a sock. One person can install a SmartCap in thirty seconds, where a traditional FR sock takes two people nearly two minutes. Watch this video to see for yourself.

Thanks to Wade Wallace for being on the show. Click here to check out more about Tietex’s innovative SmartCap product, including two videos.  

About Tietex

Tietex is the world’s largest global producer of a diverse range of stitchbonded and non-woven fabrics, and they do a huge amount of business in the mattress industry.

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