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The Line Between Courage and Confidence

What is one thing you would do if you knew you would fail? 

It’s a unique twist on the old question of what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? In our chat with author, speaker, Dale Carnegie coach and podcaster, Doug Stewart, we discuss what things in life are worth doing even if we know in the end we will fail. 

In his amazon best selling book, “5 1/2 Mentors: How to Learn, Grow & Develop From Everyone And Everything” Stewart discusses the five and a half people in life that ultimately influence you and the person you become. Who is the half person? The person you dislike the most. The person you abhor and do not want to be in life. Even this person influences you and who you become because they teach you who not to be. 

We also discussed the thin line between being confident and being courageous. One is chosen and the other is learned. Confidence is learned. At the outset, a confident person–at best– is arrogant and at worst, simply disillusioned. However, one doesn’t become confident without first choosing to be courageous. Whether you’re disillusioned or simply brave enough to try new things, you choose to step out and try. When you believe in something enough, you decide its worth going for…even knowing you may very well fail. 

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