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The Impact of Long Commutes on Health and Well-being

A recent study found long commutes of over five hours a week can have negative effects on weight and sleep patterns. 

Participants commented:

“My commute is draining me physically and mentally. I have gained weight and find it difficult to exercise or maintain a healthy lifestyle.” 

“I struggle to get enough sleep due to the long hours spent traveling to and from work.” 

Extended commuting times can disrupt sleep patterns, leading to inadequate rest and fatigue. The stress and discomfort associated with commuting may also contribute to difficulties in falling or staying asleep.

The repetitive and monotonous nature of commuting can lead to increased stress levels and negatively impact mental well-being. The lack of control over one’s time and the uncertainty of traffic conditions contribute to this sense of unease.

In contrast, “Very short commutes of less than two miles were actually linked with more physical activity, presumably because people who live that close to work are more likely to walk or cycle in.”

For more on this study, read it here!

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