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“The Champion Advantage” with Hernani Alves

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The Champion Advantage.

Season Three of the Just Stories with BT podcast features amazing authors who come on to give us an insight into the incredible minds of the people behind the words.

This week’s episode features my good friend Hernani Alves. Hernani is an Amazon Best Selling Author With Over 20 Years Experience As A Sales Executive For A $3+ Billion Company and the CEO of Balanced IQ. He Has Motivated Executives, Sales Professional, And Teams Throughout The United States, and had a HUGE impact on my life!

I may be biased since I am actually in the forward of his new book, but his second title called Champions Advantage is such a great read. It is only surpassed by the author himself. Hernani’s personal story is next level and so worth your time if you want to be motivated to be a better version of you!

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