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South Bay International Offers Active Line of Mattresses

Toby Konetzny, CEO of South Bay International.

So one of the new products we have here at, summer Market is our active line of mattresses.

It’s featuring a, latex like, polyurethane foam. It provides great support for folks who are maybe a little bit more active or looking for a little bit more pushback without that sinking in feeling of memory foam. It’s great, great price points. It does differentiate the line for retailers.

So if you have a hybrid memory foam or if you’re using a latex, this is a great alternative, in active, memory foam type of a product.

So we believe it matters for the retailer because it, it is a unique product. It’s different, it feels different. It provides support where you need it. It’s great temperature regulating product. So we have a complete lineup here from 10 inch foam to a 12 inch hybrid and also a 12 inch zone. So it’s a great product line that really kind of fits all different needs of their consumer.

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