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Sleep Summit and The Future: How the Mattress Industry Can Alter the Trajectory of Human Health

Ever wondered what would happen if the mattress industry had a Red Bull?

Get ready for an energetic discussion on the industry’s urgent need for change and innovation. In this episode, Mark Kinsley tackles the importance of rejecting the status quo and embracing a bold vision for the future. The conversation is derived from a recent LinkedIn piece Kinsley wrote that encourages industry players to actively create a better future by challenging traditional practices and focusing on sleep and wellness.

Sleep Heroes Assemble! The mattress industry has the superpower to enhance people’s health, mood, productivity, and overall quality of life. Time to don your cape and revolutionize sleep!

Status Quo? No, Thank You! To truly make a difference, individuals in the mattress biz need to kick the status quo to the curb and actively shape the future. Embrace innovation and be the change!

Summit of Dreams: The FAM Sleep Summit isn’t just an event; it’s a playground for community, collaboration, and crafting the future of sleep. Think of it as the industry’s very own slumber party for ideas. Tune in and join Mark Kinsley as he challenges the norm and inspires a sleep revolution. It’s time to dream big and sleep better!

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