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Sitting with Superheroes: Part II

The sleep selling superhero sits down with the real heroes of the nighttime scaries - Beds for Kids!

..And now for the second installment of sitting down with Beds For Kids Executive Director, Lauren Evans and the Director of Operations, Zach Smith!

Lauren and Zach discuss the different roles their organization plays in assisting programs all around the Charlotte area and some of the hurdles that stand in their way. We also take a minute to get to know them on a more personal level with one of my favorite things to ask people which is:

“What would you eat for lunch?!?”

I am eternally grateful that I met the Beds For Kids team in late 2022. We forged an alliance to improve the sleep security of the Charlotte area and together we fight the things that keep people up at night!!


Good morning superpower seekers! My name is Mattman SirCapesAlot. I’m the comfortable caped crusader. I teach and preach the Game Plan for Better Sleep! I’m the resident Sleep Superhero on the Sweet Dreams Mattress & Furniture of Lake Norman Dream Team. I am also part of the FAM crew from where you can find mattress and furniture industry info, intel, and good people! If you are interested in growing your local independent business, check it out!  And be sure to tune into the audio version of this article for a deeper dive into the information and happenings in a day in the life of a Sleep Superhero.

And speaking of Superheroes, Dreams 4 All needs help to serve more people! If you would like to make a monetary donation to the Dreams 4 All Foundation that believes nobody deserves to sleep on the floor, please text us at 704-706-2436. You can text us if you would like to see about doing this in your local community as well! We are always looking for more superheroes to join the ranks!

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