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Shot 3X, But Not Out: An Unbreakable Soldier’s Take on Grit, Growth and Guiding Teams

The Taliban surrounded Chuck Ritter’s unit and shot him three times. He lived to tell the tale — and redeployed back to Afghanistan.

In this episode, decorated veteran Chuck Ritter sat down for a fascinating conversation sharing lessons learned over his 25-year career in Army Special Forces. Ritter highlighted the intense 2013 combat experience that resulted in him getting shot three times while rescuing an Afghan soldier. Showing unbelievable grit, Ritter returned to battle just months later after extensive surgeries and rehab.

Amidst riveting stories, Ritter unpacked leadership, self-improvement,and optimization philosophies honed through hundreds of missions. Effective leaders must balance humility, self-awareness, and decisiveness – listening yet synthesizing input to make necessary calls. He stressed that relevance requires constant learning and avoiding complacency.

The conversation offered motivating testimony to Ritter’s courage and service alongside practical wisdom applicable far beyond war zones. Listeners can learn much from this heroic soldier’s resilience mindset and leadership acumen.

Here is the bodycam footage and Chris’ harrowing story.

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