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Shopper Magnet: How Do You Fill Your Stores with Customers?

Ever had a shopping experience that felt more like a plot from a horror movie?

Today’s episode takes “Nightmare on Elm Street” to a whole new level—except this time, it’s all about the quest for the perfect mattress. Buckle up as Bob Phibbs, aka The Retail Doctor, shares his spine-tingling tale from the retail front lines.

In an episode that’s anything but a snooze fest, Bob Phibbs, our fearless guide through the retail jungle, recounts his harrowing journey through the world of mattress shopping—a tale filled with twists, turns, and lessons galore. Bob’s personal horror story isn’t just a tale of woe; it’s a masterclass in what not to do in the world of mattress and furniture retail. With wit sharper than a memory foam cutter, Bob delves into the heart of creating a shopping experience that’s as comfortable as the products being sold. He emphasizes the magic of storefront appeal, the art of providing a sanctuary for customers, and the importance of standing out in a crowded marketplace. This episode isn’t just about mattresses; it’s about transforming spaces into havens and transactions into memorable experiences.


1. Create a Unique Shopping Experience: Bob stresses the importance of drawing customers in with a shopping experience that’s as unique as their sleep preferences.

2. Storefront Appeal: First impressions matter. Learn how to make your store’s façade as inviting as a freshly fluffed pillow.

3. Comfortable Customer Spaces: Bob highlights the necessity of creating spaces that encourage customers to kick off their shoes and stay awhile.

4. Differentiate from Competitors: Stand out in the mattress maze with tips on distinguishing your brand from the rest of the flock.

5. The Significance of Sleep: Recognize and honor the crucial role mattresses play in your customers’ lives by offering products that promise more than just a place to crash.

6. Fresh and Inviting Atmosphere: Discover the secrets to ensuring your store ambiance whispers, “Welcome home.”

7. Value-Added Interactions: Bob emphasizes going beyond the sale to add real value to every customer interaction.

8. Prioritize Retail Basics: Back to basics—Bob reiterates the foundational principles of retail that drive sales and customer satisfaction.


00:00 The Mattress Horror Story

09:07 Creating a Unique Shopping Experience

11:01 Attracting Customers with Storefront Appeal

17:16 Providing Comfortable Spaces for Customers

20:48 Differentiating from Competitors

23:05 The Importance of Mattresses in People’s Lives

27:29 Creating a Fresh and Inviting Atmosphere

31:18 Adding Value to Customer Interactions

33:38 Brilliance on the Basics

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