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Shipping Delays, Quarantines and Smart Phones- OH MY!! How the Supply Chain and Consumer Habits May Interrupt This Holiday Season


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Shipping delays are nothing new in 2021 and unfortunately, the supply chain issues are likely to bleed over into 2022.

With the world trying to return to normal, some may ask why? What is causing the back-up? 

The short answer is there isn’t just one answer. Multiple, individual issues compound upon one another to affect the supply chain. Take for example a little known law known as The Jones Act. Enacted in the 1920’s, the maritime law lays out some pretty specific requirements for shipping within the United States. Add in the higher cost associated with these requirements and you’ve got U.S. businesses searching abroad for cheaper shipping options. Yet, going abroad adds time into the shipping process, and even if it is cheaper, there’s still the lingering pandemic issue which individual countries are trying to control–some with very lengthy quarantine rules. 

In today’s episode, we highlight some of the Audio Stories recently produced over at that are likely to affect your holiday shopping. 

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