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Secrets to Success: Career Insights from Top Female Leaders at Mattress Firm and Bedhead Marketing

Sleep positions, beauty hacks and maintaining a seat at the table are all topics of conversation on this week’s Sleep Summit Show takeover!

Pulling up a chair to the table to host this week’s Sleep Summit show episode are the Director of FAM Events, Tara Kinsley and the Executive Producer of The FAM, Adrienne Woods, plus leading female powerhouses from Mattress Firm and Bedhead Marketing.

Together the four chat about integrating women’s voices in a typically male-dominated mattress industry. Megan Anderson, Director of Merchandising Transformation at Mattress Firm, shares insights from her 12 years of experience and Anna Hermosillo of BedHead Marketing draws on her background in various industries to provide a unique perspective. The conversation centers around supporting other women and imparting wisdom to the next generation. Anderson advises finding confidence and speaking up in a “graceful” way, while Hermosillo emphasizes standing firm and addressing hard conversations elegantly. Both agree lifting each other up is key.

Three key takeaways from this week’s discussion:

1) Female mentorship is critical for guiding younger women entering the mattress industry. Leaders must seek out and connect with the next wave.

2) Integrating women’s voices in the room improves dialogue and brings fresh strategic thinking.

3) Industry events like Sleep Summit provide a platform for women to share ideas, best practices and encourage one another!


The women of The FAM have taken over this week’s’, sleep summit show, and we are here to make some noise. We’re hosting Megan Anderson, otherwise known as “Mattress Meg” of mattress firm. Plus some of the incredible talent behind bedhead marketing Anna Hermosillo plus we have Kinsley’s better half Tara who’s also the magician behind all of our FAM events joining us for this conversation. Welcome to this week’s episode of the sleep summit show. It starts right now.

Tara Kinsley: Welcome to the Sleep Summit Show. We’ve got Megan Anderson and Anna cio. We are so excited that both of these women are here today. Um, just amazing women in our industry. Um, we wanna highlight them.

Megan’s gonna be speaking at Sleep Summit. Anna’s gonna be attending, um, and we’re just pumped to talk to them. Um, we’re gonna get into all the things industry related here in a second, but first off, ladies, what I want to know, a burning question in my mind is, what is the weirdest item that you keep in your bedside table?

Um, I’ll give you a second to think about it. I also wanna know, are you like the person who keeps your bedside table clean and neat and tidy, or is it a complete cluster? All right. Who’s gonna start?

Anna Hermosillo: Um, I think I’ll start. I actually have a Lumi in my bedside table. Yes. Woo. It’s

Tara Kinsley: yes. Have you heard of it?

Yes, I have. No, I wanna know what

Megan Anderson: that

Tara Kinsley: is. It’s

Anna Hermosillo: a metabolism tracker, so you blow into it and you can check your metabolism and the morning and it can tell you all your macros that you’re going to be needing for the day. So it’s just something I do in the morning and the night. ’cause I’m a macro tracker and it’s just something that’s, it’s just a little helpful tool that I have.

And everything on my bedside table is extra tidy. I am a minimalist and I like everything very clean.

Tara Kinsley: Love it. Okay. I love that.

Megan Anderson: I am not as technology

Tara Kinsley: forward as Anna is. I would say the weirdest thing I have next to my bed is, I have a little


Megan Anderson: fridge. This is so extra. I can’t believe I’m confessing that I keep my

Tara Kinsley: skincare in.

The ladies will understand this trend, but it keeps

Megan Anderson: all my little creams cool. And I, that’s my nighttime routine. That’s how I wind down. I like do my skincare. I get into bed. I have a little like pillow spray that I actually got from the peer care team. Um, a little shout out to them that I spray before bed.

So very into kind of like the wellness. Before

Tara Kinsley: bed, but it’s pink and it’s really cutes

Megan Anderson: right there. So

Tara Kinsley: I love that you keep it cold because that like helps with all the dep puffing. So I hear that. So

Megan Anderson: nice. And just a little treat at the end of the day.

Adrienne Woods: It is. It’s such a

Tara Kinsley: luxury. I love that. It is. Tara, what about you?

What do you, Kate elevates your life. I’m like traditional. I mean, I’ve got my books. I’m a huge reader. I guess the most, um, unusual thing is I keep a backup book light just in case my book light goes out. Like that’s how much I read. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I make, I kind of feel Mark’s face.

So sometimes I wake him up ’cause I’m like, do you have an eye mask on or not? And I will place one near him or on him and I got my book light going like two o’clock in the morning. I’m like, sorry I’m not getting outta bed. But um, I’ll wake you up so that you can go back to sleep. So that is excellent backup book light.

Perfect. How about you A Oh, so I mean, I’m a minimalist when it comes

Adrienne Woods: to my actual nightstand. Like I just want my light and like the book that I’m reading or whatnot. But as far as like weird

Tara Kinsley: things in my nightstand,

Adrienne Woods: all of the Broadway plays that I’ve ever been to, I don’t know why I keep all of my, um, playbills in my nightstand.

Hm. I have no idea why, but I’ve got like seven or eight of them and that’s where they stay. So just like when I get home from vacation, I’m unpacking my bag. It goes in there. So when you ask that question, I was like, the weirdest thing is probably the playbills, but that’s where we’re at. All right. And

Megan Anderson: can I, can I join the conversation?

This used to be my show.

Anna Hermosillo: No.

Megan Anderson: I have a really weird thing. I keep beside my bed. I keep this brand new puppy beside my bed right

Adrienne Woods: now. Adorable.

Megan Anderson: This is, we don’t know what his name is. May maybe the fam can help us name this brand new puppy ’cause we don’t have a name for just yet.

Tara Kinsley: Well, we can post a picture after this podcast, but right now we’re talking about the women in the, in the industry.

And as much as we like men, we are gonna have to kick you out. And the male puppy

only. Sorry, boy. Alright. We’ve. Yeah,

Megan Anderson: go ahead

Tara Kinsley: Tara. I’m done. Adrian. This tell you, cut that.

Adrienne Woods: Okay. So here’s what we wanted to do. We wanna get, we always do two things. We wanna give you guys each the opportunity to just like tell the audience who you are and then we always start our show with a quiz question, which I have, I have prepared for us.

And then we’ve got a lot of round table topics to talk about. So Megan, why don’t you go first? Who are you? How’d you get into this industry? What do you love about it?

Megan Anderson: Thank you Agan. Yes, I have been in this industry since my college days. I started as an intern in the marketing department, um, at Mattress Firm, and was fortunate enough to be their first corporate intern and I.

Have been so blessed with this career journey I’ve had with them. Um, I, it’s now been 12 years since that first day at work, um, in this industry. And, uh, just fell in love with it right away, quickly. Talked about work endlessly and all my friends started calling me mattress Meg ’cause it was the only thing I could talk about.

Um, spent in through. My last role in that department

Tara Kinsley: was

Megan Anderson: standing up a product marketing team and working with all the vendors in our merchandising department to create new brands, bring product to life, a lot of product development, go to market planning. And then I moved into the merchandising department, um, about three or so years ago, and now I’m the director of merchandising transformation.

Get to partake in helping drive. Our strategy and execution for, um, all of the, the merch activity, which has been phenomenal. So very blessed. Um, and just love, uh, that my whole career at Mattress Firm has been wonderful. Awesome. So that’s a little about me.

Adrienne Woods: That’s awesome. Anna, what about you?

Anna Hermosillo: All right.

Well, I’ve been marketing for 15 years only in the mattress industry for eight. Um, my background, I was in an ad agency for quite some time, and then I went over to a semiochemical industry where we worked with the Forest Service. So I have a lot of different backgrounds and different like, Going into projects with a whole bunch of different companies.

So brand guidelines, um, changing focus on different brands or different projects. Isn’t anything new to me. And, um, I was picked up actually at South International, a manufacturer eight years ago by a headhunting company. So I was looking for another job. I was like, okay, I wanna do something

Tara Kinsley: new, fresh, exciting.

Anna Hermosillo: And, um, Danny Servin, um, decided to gimme a chance. And so ever since then, I’ve been in love with the mattress industry and had such a great time with everybody that I’ve been meeting. Um, and now that I’m actually outside of the manufacturing, Um, and now into bedhead marketing. It’s just like opened up so many doors and meeting so many great, great

Adrienne Woods: people.

That’s amazing. I heard that’s awesome. Like once you come into the industry, you don’t leave. So my background is very different than both of yours. Yeah. I was a criminal corporate criminal attorney turned, mom turned marketer, and so that’s how I knew Mark. But everybody I’ve talked to, they’re like, well, once you come into the industry you don’t leave.

So, and here I am three years later and that seems to be tending to be true. So that’s amazing. I could see that. So we love to start the show. I with a quiz question. You don’t have to answer it, just be thinking about it, but I’m gonna lay it out here for you and then at the end of the show we will answer it.

But according to the Cleveland Clinic and the Sleep Foundation,

Tara Kinsley: what

Adrienne Woods: is the most common sleeping position for women? Is it on their back, on their side, or on their stomach? So you don’t have to answer it right now, but just kind of be thinking. But these are research studies conducted by the Cleveland Clinic and the Sleep Foundation, so, and I thought it was quite interesting.

Megan Anderson: So as we move along, so we just

Adrienne Woods: kind of wanted to start out this conversation with,

Megan Anderson: what are you excited about for

Adrienne Woods: Sleep Summit? Like, Megan, you’re gonna be a speaker. Will you give

Megan Anderson: us a little tease as to what you’re gonna be talking about? Is it still being

Adrienne Woods: formulated in your mind? But what are you excited about for Sleep Summit?

First of all,

Megan Anderson: I, I loved what, what Mark and Tara are kind of creating underneath exam and bringing a different perspective and experience to these conferences that we, we have today in the industry aren’t, um, kind as forward thinking or, um, meaningful or have a lot of purpose or, you know, I think they’re trying to bring a little bit more of that to these events and really connect us and.

Ultimately get us all kind of on the same team to drive this industry forward, um, connect with consumers in a more dynamic way. Um, bring forward dynamic products and merchandising assortments and things like that in store experiences. I’m really looking forward to participating in this very first event and so honored to be speaking.

Um, I would say I am in the development phase of my topic, um, or of the content of my topic. I have the general theme, but, um, expect to learn about. Um, merchandising strategy, um, how to think about things like assortment activating the product in store, um, aesthetic design and how all of those things kind of work together and that’s truly the foundation to the experience customers have in store.

So how we can kind of drive that as a, a merch org and retailers, um, to really elevate that experience for them. So, uh, can’t wait to. To join. I’ve never been to Arkansas, so I’m really looking forward to, uh, seeing Bentonville and seeing all of you in person. Um, and I just, last thing, I, I really love that we’re having the chance to talk as a, a team of women today.

I think that is so important, and I think the purpose of this is really to encourage and inspire other females. Leaders in this industry to come and join us and would love to connect with you. So that’s what I, I’m most looking forward to and hope to see at the event as well.

Tara Kinsley: Oh, I just feel like Megan, like.

Uh, we’re so excited to have you and you just so nailed the core of what Sleep Summit is, which is creating community. And we do want more women to, um, come and be a part of that. ’cause we lift each other up, we support each other. I mean, that’s just almost inherent to being a female. And so, um, I just, well said, so excited that you are gonna be here.

And then Anna obviously too. Um, What are you looking forward to

Megan Anderson: about Sleep Summit?

Anna Hermosillo: I’m looking forward to all the little nuggets of education that will be there. I come very heavy in the mattress industry from an e-comm world, so hearing like stories and like. You know, strategy from Megan and anybody really talk to in that space.

Um, it’s just always like little great nuggets of information that I can always pull from and then work into my projects. And it’s just, it’s just always learning. I love learning. I’m a sponge and, um, I just love these kind of events because they just keep you growing and they keep you, you know, at

Tara Kinsley: the forefront of everything that

Anna Hermosillo: you need to be in the position that I am at

Megan Anderson: bedhead.

Hey Anna, have you ever been to with this event? Oh, sorry, Adrian.

Adrienne Woods: No,

Megan Anderson: no, no. Keep going. Oh, I was, Quote that kind of comes to mind is a rising tide lifts all boats. And I think that that’s what we’re trying to do, like

Tara Kinsley: all

Megan Anderson: inspire each other and share ideas and best practices to, again, push us past what the mattress industry is notoriously known for, and kind of change that perception.

We’re all really cool people with great ideas and, um, just have so much to offer customers and change how they sleep and what they experience. So, um, looking forward to what Anna said, just sharing ideas and kind of taking those into our day-to-day lives is gonna be great.

Adrienne Woods: Who are some of the people, for sure, and be men or women that just sort of inspire you right now?

Like, what are you learning from them or what do you hope to emulate out of people that you admire?

Megan Anderson: Do you wanna go, Megan?

Tara Kinsley: Oh, you can start. Okay. Um, so Danny

Anna Hermosillo: Servin, um, she was the c o O of South International. I worked under her for many, many years. So I had an inside view of everything that went on from the factory level, all the way down to the consumer and everything that she dealt with. Um, talk about a phenomenal lady, a lady with character, doing all the right things and making really hard decisions.

When nobody was looking and just weathering the toughest storms with the great moral compass. So she’s somebody that I think of a lot, especially in my day to day. And then, um, Brandon, you know, bad head marketing and fe they have such great energy and I’m always just trying to, um, emulate them in some way with their, and because they inspire me so much and they have just such great energy when they talk to people.

Mm-hmm. And, um, They just so know so much in the industry and have all these great relationships, just something that I wanna go ahead and follow in those footsteps.

Adrienne Woods: How about you, Megan?

Megan Anderson: Um, I’ll start with someone outside the industry. I actually came across this TED Talk from a speaker and author. Uh, her name’s Heather Monahan, I believe, and she gives this talk on kind of her experience in the industry that she was in.

Um, and it’s kind of related to what we’re talking about today. She faced, um, Some challenges at work, not just from the male colleagues, but actually other female colleagues. And she talks a lot about this relationship between a woman to another woman and how it’s important. Tara, you said this, like, we all need to lift each other up, but mm-hmm.

Anyway, she’s a phenomenal speaker and talks a lot about how to find confidence and courage and, um, I, I gravitated towards that topic as I prepare for this speaking event, particularly being that it’s my first time on the big stage talking. So, um, anyway, she’s been an inspiration just recently. And then, um, similar to Anna, I’m surrounded by just such powerful.

Bright women in my own company, um, and a men, our chief merchandising officer. We’ve got Kendall Nuno, our, our chief of legal. She and her team are

Tara Kinsley: like award-winning

Megan Anderson: legal team. They’re phenomenal. And, um, other members of my merchandising team, Carly Sydney. So we’re all just. Like this little powerhouse of women internally that support each other and kind of push each other.

So I’m grateful to have, uh, that, that network, uh, within my own kind of immediate circle, which has been fantastic.

Tara Kinsley: I think our industry is just like full of great women. Sometimes we have to seek them out, right? Like, um, but they’re there. Um, just not in big numbers. I’m super pumped about, um, some of the women that are coming to Sleep Summit.

I don’t know if y’all know Sarah Bergman. She’s with, um, pure Care. She’s. So fun. She’s got such a great personality and she just is just a powerhouse in, in the space that she’s in. Um, also, I don’t know if you guys have met Rachel Gomez, but she is the new vp, um, marketing, uh, for Dreamer, right. Or vice president of marketing for Dreamfit.

Yeah, and I met her at Market this last time and, um, She’s killing it. I mean, she’s incredible. Um, and she won’t be at Sleep Summit, although I’ve emailed her. So, Hey girl, if you wanna come, let’s do this. Um, and there’s a seat at our table for you friend. Exactly. Um, Tara Young, glad is somebody also who’s gonna speak at Sleep Summit.

Um, she’s the co-founder of, uh, chili Sleep. Um, and she is, She’s got a phenomenal story. Um, you can look her up on YouTube if you wanna do some research before she’s done a TEDx talk. And she is, she’s killer. Um, and then like, you know, there’s people like Jenny Smith. She is Matt Smith’s wife. He’s got, um, tons of, um, franchises for Snooze, and I mean, she works alongside him.

She is a champion of women and, um, Just a, a great girl to be around. Um, so I just, I’m so excited. She’ll also be at Sleep Summit about all the women that make up our industry and how I feel like they’re positive. I feel like they are uplifting I, and, and that it just makes me excited. I.

Adrienne Woods: Are the youngbloods like a little powerhouse team.

’cause Todd is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. If y’all have not met Todd Youngblood, he is wonderful.

Tara Kinsley: He is, they’re great. And, um, yeah, they’re, they’re phenomenal. I mean, they’re co-founder, him and her together, so, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. So,

Adrienne Woods: so as we, as we’re like coming into the sleep summit, Megan, I think you touched on this, it was like in an email, we were going back and forth, but it was this whole idea of like, we are at a, a precipice, just.

In, in industry, outside the industry, wherever we’re at about this whole, like, we need to focus on women and we need to focus on all these pieces. But it was this whole idea of like staying in the room with people. Mm-hmm. Like we don’t wanna just always

Megan Anderson: be like, oh, well we’ve got an event for women and there’s this event for

Adrienne Woods: men.

But it’s like, how do we work alongside people?

Tara Kinsley: How do

Adrienne Woods: we. You know, how do we impart to the next generation, whether it’s male or female, like here’s the mentors, here’s the type of people you need to be seeking out, but here’s also what we expect from you to be able to service our clients. I would love to know what advice that you have, who do you look for towards as a mentor, man or woman?

Um, and then how do you just speak on that? Touch on that, what you mean by like staying in the room and how we add value together.

Megan Anderson: No, thank you for, uh, bringing that up. I do think it is important and when we were discussing kind of fun ways to network as a group, I am all for happy hours and coffee or whatever kind of meetup just to network directly with the females in, in the room. But what Adrian is kinda referring to, my thought on that is that in some ways it pulls you away from kind of.

Integrating with other males and just like having this presence as women and kind of just creating a little bit more equality in the room and having a louder voice. And you know, you guys have brought a lot of females to stage this year and so, um, I think in terms of who kind of mentors me on this and who’s just a strong female that I really.

Look up to is, uh, Casey Zuber. She’s been with Mattress Firm for, um, several years and has just grown throughout the company and is now, um, kind of the head of all of our, she intersects between, it’s phenomenal. The store and field team, all of our sleep experts. She partners with merchandising and she partners with marketing.

She’s kind of this triple threat and the way she manages all of this. All of the happenings in her world, and she’s so well spoken and, you know, asks questions when it’s not clear and that kind of drives richer conversations and meetings. She just, she’ll speak up for things that aren’t right and kind of call things out in a, a graceful way.

And, um, I, I really look up to her a lot in terms of how she kind of carries herself and the confidence she. Radiates and um, just kind of, she would support all of this conversation as well in terms of let’s like just get in the room with other people and like all being together and just kind of have that chance to shine our light and let people see that women are strategic, we are forward thinking, we do have strong opinions, um,

Tara Kinsley: and we can all like that brain power makes everyone’s brain a little bit bigger

Adrienne Woods: and better.

Yeah, no doubt. I love that. Anna, what about you? Very, very well said. Mm-hmm. Uh, just

Tara Kinsley: something to touch on, um, that Megan said is, you know,

Anna Hermosillo: Addressing those hard conversations, but doing it in an elegant fashion, you know, because you don’t wanna be the woman that’s always super accommodating and saying yes to everything.

You also wanna stand firm and have that voice. So I, I just love what she said about that. Um,

Tara Kinsley: and. Yeah, I mean,

Anna Hermosillo: again, I was in a small group, so Danny Serbin is my default, um, go-to woman for everything. Uh, she did exactly the same. She was such a leader and she always had like this nice great little power stance, um, in a man in, in a, um, in a room full of men.

And she always just stood so proud and tall as just something that I love looking, looking up

Tara Kinsley: to. I do wanna say, Anna, I got the chance, I mean, a little bit, not a lot to work with you during market, um, this last, uh, July. And I, I, I feel like you have that presence about you. Um, you have not. Overwhelming, not overpowering, not, can I say it?

Bitchy, which is like the word that direct women always get thrown in their face. Mm-hmm. But very graceful and competent. And I just wanna compliment you because I was able to kind of see that come out in you and just. The brief moments. I was working with you, um, in market in July. Um, and so I just think it’s awesome ’cause you display that as well.

So that’s very cool. Thank you so much. Yeah.

Adrienne Woods: Yeah. I would, I would echo that Tara, and this is the first time I’ve actually like seen your face, but I feel even through those text messages when y’all were trying to turn around videos so fast and there was edits that had to be made on the fly. You really commanded even the text messages that we were on.

So I would agree with Tara 100% like that. You just know how to dominate and get the work done. And I think that’s a special talent not coming across as super aggressive, but just like we get it done and we move on. Yeah. You thank you. You master that line very beautifully. Yeah. So I know that I want to, you know, make sure that we keep everybody’s, um, time respectful or whatnot, so I wanna make sure that we get to.

Kind of an off topic, but it’s our favorite part of the show. But like where is the strangest place that the two of you have

Megan Anderson: ever slept? Not

Tara Kinsley: necessarily together ’cause I don’t think you guys know Well, yeah, I’ve only met Megan one time and in Vegas. Vegas it totally could happen. I mean it’s very well

Megan Anderson: yeah, because what happens there stays there.

But I’m just kidding.

Adrienne Woods: That is true. That is so true.

Megan Anderson: That’s a funny question. One, one memory comes to mind. I was on a girl’s trip. We had gone to Greece and we had, were out on the boat all day and. Indulged in a glass or two of wine. And I came home and I remember the only plug in the room was right next to like the wall across the room.

And, uh, my friend’s suitcase was there and I like somehow was charging my phone and I kind of curled up on her suitcase and I fell asleep, like literally curled up like a little cat. And there’s a picture of me just like, Sleeping like a little angel in this little suitcase on top of all of her clothes and shoes and just, that’s probably the strangest place I will confess to sleeping, I will admit.

But yeah,

Adrienne Woods: that’s a great

Tara Kinsley: one. Yeah. That’s awesome. Anna, Anna? Anna, what about you? I, I fell asleep in a softball

Anna Hermosillo: shed. Whoa, what? Outdoors. So yes, outdoors, um, with rakes and chalk and bases and everything all around me. Um, I played softball growing up and, um, we had, yeah, we, you know, you’re all day at the field.

You have game breaks. And you’re just trying to find shade somewhere. So I ended up like, well, that’s a shady spot. I guess I’m gonna go in there. So that’s where I ended up falling asleep. It took a little hour nap and then back to softball.

Tara Kinsley: We went. Nice. That, that’s still to be able to, it’s in that space.

And those as as comfortable.

Adrienne Woods: Those are not comfortable. No. At

Tara Kinsley: all. Tara, what about you? I don’t think I even know. Where’s the strangest

Adrienne Woods: place you’ve ever slept?

Tara Kinsley: Oh, it’s a consistent place that I continually sleep. Which is weird. Um, I know. So I, I mean, last night you could sleep on your floor with your hand.

I did sleep on my floor in a dog because I got a new puppy and he was crying and I couldn’t make him stop crying unless my face was like against his, um, Kennel. So that’s what happened. And I will say, shout out to future foam because I used their product to, you know, prop my hips up because I was like, Hey, I don’t have a blowout mattress.

Well, I do, but not at two o’clock in the morning. So I’m just gonna use some future foam and sleep on that. Um, I consistently sleep in my master bedroom closet, like if I’m sick or if I, I did not know this about you. Well, you know, other, other, other evenings that pop up sometimes, um, you know, like if I’ve had a couple, only two glasses of wine just like Megan over Indul, um, I, because it, it has no windows.

Um, it is the only place in my house actually that has carpet none, no place else has carpet. Um, and so it’s very dark and it, it’s like cool because it’s a, like interior room, so it consistently stays the same temperature and, um, I can just shut the door and I don’t know what time it is and I sleep until I wake up.

And so my master bedroom closet is, A really good little Heidi hole for me. Like when I had Covid in March, it was like my favorite spot. Ever. Wow. I didn’t know that about you. I know. Yeah. It’s my little secret to Heidi’s spot. How about you, babe? That’s awesome. I know. You know, I was thinking about this ’cause every week when Mark asked this, you’ve got three kids and they’re all young, and so you’ve got a, you need a master bedroom closet situation.

Like you need a, so

Adrienne Woods: I’m building a house right now. Tara knows this, like I update her every three days, but, Our current master bedroom closet doesn’t have a window and neither did the one in our previous home. But there’s two windows actually in our new closet, so that will be the first time that I ever have light in my

Tara Kinsley: closet.

That’s an amateur mistake for Heidi Hall. You may wanna, you may wanna rethink that.

Adrienne Woods: Excellent. Oh, we cannot, because that will be a change order at this point and at that, and then we have to, that costs more money, so we’re just getting windows in there. Sorry. Uh, so Mark asks his guests this question every week on the show, and I’m like, what would my answer be?

So I was thinking about it beforehand. I think the strangest place I’ve ever slept is a McDonald’s parking lot in a 15 passenger van, but I don’t know if it’s that weird.

Tara Kinsley: So my husband is, was that like a youth group situation question,

Megan Anderson: but you’re

Adrienne Woods: like, um, where are we going with this? So,

Tara Kinsley: no, it wasn’t my husband,

Adrienne Woods: the way that he and his buddies would do ski trips, like when you’re young and poor.

’cause they would

Tara Kinsley: rent a 15 passenger van

Adrienne Woods: for all of their gear and they would drive through the night. And so, and then once they would get to like where they were going to ski, they would just change in like a McDonald’s bathroom and then like hit the slopes. Like it was this whole, they were gonna maximize their time.

So by the time a bunch of him and his friends started getting girlfriends, they would take us with them. But we would still be piled into this 15 passenger van. And so they’re like, yeah, we like leave after school. We drive through the night and then we will get to the McDonald’s parking lot about two or three in the morning, and we’ll just sleep there.

And then we’ll go inside, have breakfast, change our clothes, and hit the slopes. And that. That’s so

Tara Kinsley: romantic. It’s such

Adrienne Woods: a miserable night of sleep. Let me just tell you like laying. You know, there’s like nine people in a 15 passenger van and you’ve got all your gear, but you know that’s what you do when you’re 19 and you think that this is gonna be great.


Tara Kinsley: So that’s a good point. That’s a good point. Anyway,

Adrienne Woods: all right, well lemme wrap this up. We’ll go back to the quiz question. This has been super exciting. Megan. I’m so pumped for your session at Sleep Summit. I think that you have a lot to offer and I think that people are gonna be impacted by what you have to say, and I just can’t wait to deliver you to the masses.

I think it’s gonna be exceptional. But what do you think, again, this is all coming from this Cleveland Clinic research and from Sleep Foundation. What is the most common sleeping position for women? Do you think? It’s side, back or stomach and you can have different answers. I would say,

Megan Anderson: I would say side, but with a little knee up, if you know what I mean.

Where you have sleep like a little jack knife and you’re like curled around a pillow that I don’t know if we can throw a little flavor,

Tara Kinsley: but why not? Stomach is my final answer.

Adrienne Woods: Alright, Anna, what did you think? I think

Anna Hermosillo: side,

Tara Kinsley: because also

Anna Hermosillo: when women get pregnant, they can’t sleep on their, their tummies and it kind of train you not to.

And I just think like with all our, you know, curves and all that stuff, I think that’s like the most comfortable position with the knee, um, pillow in between the knees. Mm-hmm. And maybe hugging a pillow. So I, I think that’s the one that’s

Adrienne Woods: gonna win. You’re actually, but you’re, you’re right. So actually the Sleep Foundation touched on pregnancy and they said women are more likely to sleep on their

Tara Kinsley: sides because the fetus tends to get the

Adrienne Woods: highest blood flow while their mother is on the left side.

And so that I think is what skews the research to say that most women sleep on their side, which is really interesting. So, That

Tara Kinsley: is interesting too. Phenomenal.

Adrienne Woods: But I’ll close this out here. Thank you both so much. Oh, go ahead

Megan Anderson: Megan. I’m sorry. Oh wait, Megan, I was just gonna say, I’ve always heard you should sleep on your back just because it prevents, like, I sound like such a skincare freak this episode, but it prevents wrinkles like from your soft front

Tara Kinsley: skin, so it kind of opens

Megan Anderson: everything up and Yeah.

So it’s a little

Tara Kinsley: healthy. I’ve heard that too. Yeah. Beauty hack, if you sleep

Megan Anderson: on your back. Yeah. Hack for your back.

Adrienne Woods: I didn’t know that. I, I’m trying, I’m trying to get into this dope pillowcase like trend apparently. That’s really good for you

Megan Anderson: here. Oh, I

Tara Kinsley: bought one. I have one. Do you do it Anna? I bought one.

Love it. I don’t love it. I’m, I feel a little slippery. My hair

Anna Hermosillo: is so much better.

Tara Kinsley: My skin feels better. I’ve heard that. It’s true. It is true. Yeah. Okay. I have one, I’ve

Adrienne Woods: got one as a Christmas gift last year, and it’s just sitting in my nightstand, like still in the package. Bus it out. Bus it out. This is the way we’re gonna do it.

Tara Kinsley: Also a really quick before you wrap us up. Yeah. I do wanna say we love the men in our industry so much. Yeah. Um, they contribute everything and not everything we contribute a lot, but, um, they’re amazing and there’s so many amazing men in our industry. Mm-hmm. So this isn’t like male stomping or anything like that.

We’re. Super pumped to see all of you and be a part of this community with you, um, and be leaders with you. And, um, we are excited to see everybody at Sleep Summit and beyond. Um, we just also love to show up hard and strong and we’re excited. So I just wanna say we’ll see you guys and you girls, um, in October.

Super pumped about that.

Megan Anderson: Just wait for bit. I totally agree. There’s even believe it.

Adrienne Woods: Yeah, I agreed.

Tara Kinsley: Yeah. Yeah. And that’s the other thing, Arkansas, you guys are gonna be so pleasantly surprised, I promise.

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