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Saving the World with ISPA’S Sleep Product Sustainability Program

Hey Fam, It’s Adrienne!

Is saving the world through sustainability financially lucrative for you? ISPA says yes!

This week, Dos Marcos talked to the President of ISPA, Ryan Trainer, and President of Pleasant Mattress, Rion Morgenstern about sustainability initiatives and how they’re working to save the planet one sleep product at a time.

It’s Vegas Market, baby! Are you there? If so, tell us how it’s going!

BT interviews infertility warrior, Brett Russo, about her Amazon bestseller, “The Underwear in My Shoe.”

Also, are online shoppers generally pleased with their purchase? Check out exclusive research conducted in partnership with Nationwide Marketing Group to find out!

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Dos Marcos Show

Saving the World with ISPA’S Sleep Product Sustainability ProgramIs sustainability a moneymaker? ISPA thinks so!

In this episode, we chat with sustainability experts Ryan Trainer and Rion Morgenstern about their Sleep Products Sustainability Program (SP2) and how they’re shifting the narrative on recycling and the showing the economic benefits to retailers.

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Ergomotion Partners with Garmin on Ergospotive Smart & Adjustable Recovery System

The connection between sleep and wellness has become clearer as technology advances, which is why Ergomotion created a wellness division within the company that focuses on technology and products made for overall well-being and recovery of the user.

Gui Peres heads Ergomotion’s wellness division and has been working with Garmin on a new project: the Ergosportive Smart & Adjustable recovery system.

News and Headlines

Emma to Debut Smart Mattress at Vegas MarketThe smart bed features three zones of independent support per side—the shoulder, lumbar and hip—which will respond through a real-time automatic setting.

Englander Expands Supreme Collection, Enhances Marketing Assets. Englander will introduce three new latex hybrid models in its Supreme collection at the upcoming Las Vegas Market and show how its suite of marketing assets can strengthen the selling story for retailers.

Bedding Industries of America Takes Majority Stake in Illinois Sleep Products. Bedding Industries of America (BIA), has acquired a majority interest in Chicago-based Illinois Sleep Products, Inc. (ISP), and ISP’s current management team.

Serta Announces the Nationwide Rollout of Serta Arctic. Serta Arctic mattresses have an exclusive three-part cooling system called REACTEX which actively disperses heat away from the body, resulting in a bed with 15 times better cooling power than previous product lines that feels up to five degrees cooler when compared to the leading cooling mattress.

Lifeloom to debut new frictionless sheets at Las Vegas Market. Lifeloom is making headlines for being the first company to receive FDA clearance for its sheets and pillowcases. Their scientifically tested products are proven to improve the ability to keep cool and move freely in bed by more than 50%. Retailers heading to the upcoming Vegas market can get a free pillowcase.

Data Digs

Are Online Buyers Pleased with Their Purchase?

Overall, yes.

The FAM partnered with Nationwide Marketing Group to survey 2,000+ mattress buyers and found that 81% of online buyers do not plan to try a mattress before buying when they make their next purchase. That’s a signal that they were happy with their purchase experience and generally pleased with the product.

How can independent retailers use this data? If a customer is in your store, there’s a reason. Maybe they’re confused, or feel it’s important to touch and feel. Ask open-ended questions and map their answers to sleep solutions. Most people are trying to solve a problem and you can be the one that helps them find the answer.

Hungry for more useful data? Get the full report for free when you become a FAM+ Member, brought to you by Nationwide Marketing Group!

P.S. Don’t forget to register for Nationwide PrimeTime coming up February 5-8 in Phoenix, Arizona!

What’s the FAM Into?

Alex is listening to…

The podcast Samplaining Science, which explains complex scientific theories and research in easy-to-understand ways—and just so happens to be produced by my super smart cousin, Dr. Sam Rossano. Most recently, she did an episode on the science of sleep!

Adrienne is Reading…

Think Again by Adam Grant. This book is perhaps one of the best books i’ve ever read on the power of thinking differently and becoming okay with what you don’t know. Highly recommend putting it on your reading list for 2022!

The Underwear in My Shoe with Brett Russo

In episode 33 of Just Stories with BT, Brett sits down with Amazon best-selling author Brett Russo, who’s book, “The Underwear in My Shoe: My Journey Through IVF, Unfiltered,” uncovers the not often talked about world of IVF in a funny, and raw way that you NEED to read.

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Fun & Folly

Ever seen the comet, Leonard? Check out this stunning shot! 

The inventions of 2022. Okay, maybe not for all of 2022, but definitely at the CES event!

100 tips for a better life! These will make you think.

Foot Traffic Drivers

Need helping getting more people to your store?

Here’s an idea…

Take care of your customer’s companions. Do you love kids? Set up a play area where parents can let their kids roam while they shop freely through the store. Ensure your aisles are large enough to accommodate strollers.

Do you live in a big dog community? Set up water bowls by the front door to allow their pups to cool off and re-hydrate and sit while they roam the store.

On the hunt for more foot-traffic-driving ideas?

Pick up a copy of Kinsley and Quinn’s #1 Amazon bestselling book, “Come Back to Bed: Attract More Foot Traffic and Make People Fall in Love with Your Store.”

This is Mark and Mark’s advice column and it’s bound to get weird.

Everyone needs a little advice now and then.

You can ask us anything. Just don’t expect an obvious answer.

Launching a new marketing campaign and need feedback? We’ve got your back. Naming your firstborn son? No problem. Trying to break the world record for most sprinkles on an ice cream cone? We know a guy.

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