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Retailer Reacts to TSI Buying Mattress Firm: “Wait and See”

Right now I need Tempur-Pedic on the floor because it’s a great product to have.

I don’t want them to go somewhere else to try it out. So the moment the customer leaves, it affects my business. There’s 101. Reasons why mattress firm could end up with an advantage over me. The moment that I can’t compete with that advantage in the market, then there’s no need to carry the product right then we have to find some brand to step in and fill that void.

Course it’s easy for somebody that doesn’t sell TSI to say fuck ’em. Or that’s the reason why I don’t sell tsi. No, it’s not. The reason why you don’t tell sell tsi. The reason you don’t sell ’em is cuz they either won’t sell you or you think you have some other competitive advantage over it. I’m gonna take, we’ll wait and see how it affects us, but we got plan B, right?

We have to be ready in the event that something, it’s like an earthquake hitting your business, right? I mean, you have to be ready for it or you’re going to. Fall off the cliff into the ocean and die. There’s still a huge wait and see factor, right? I mean, and they’re being reassured by TSI that, Hey, it’s not a done deal. That’s common. It’s not a done deal yet. We’ll see how it is in 18 months. So we’re running 18 months to early to be a predictor. But I think as a retailer, you have to run the sce

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