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Remember Pokemon Go? Get ready for Pokemon Sleep

If you don’t remember Pokemon Go, let me refresh your memory.

Pokemon Go is a mobile app that allows you to “hunt” for the creatures from the hit card game Pokemon. Using augmented reality, people basically walk around their cities or neighborhoods catching 3D virtual Pokemon. There are different Pokemon to be found in different locations, and some are rare, which gives people incentive to use the app often and in new places.  

If this rings a bell, it’s probably because, according to Guinness World Records, the app had the highest revenue of any mobile game in its first month—a whopping $207 million. Released in July 2016, the game had 500 million downloads just five months later.

Now, the same developer, Niantic, is working on Pokemon Sleep—a game that aims to “transform sleep into entertainment.” The app monitors sleep patterns and rewards users for time spent sleeping, though there’s no word on what the gameplay will actually look like. 

While it was originally planned to be released in May 2020, the game has been put on hold for undisclosed reasons, and many are blaming COVID-19. But since it’s still in the works, that means there’s time for mattress retailers to think about how this could be useful to the bedding industry.

Can you imagine if people reacted to Pokemon Sleep in the same way they did to Pokemon Go? That would be a huge win for the entire sleep industry, both when it launches and in the future.

Here’s one idea for when it comes out: use it to sell more accessories.

Once more people start tracking their sleep, there will likely be many who realize they aren’t sleeping as well as they could. That’s a great opportunity for retailers to step in and offer accessories like pillows, sheets, or even adjustable bases to help customers get better sleep.

You can even tie it into the game with something like “Come into the store and show us your Pokemon Sleep schedule and get 10% off of a new pillow.”

And think about brand building. You could use Pokemon Sleep to keep in touch with consumers and get them sleep tips that will help them in the game. And then when they’re ready to buy a new mattress or bedding, they’ll already have you in mind. 

In the longer term, if the game takes off, think of how younger generations will grow up viewing sleep. If they use the app they’ll be tracking sleep, which will give them a better idea of how important it is to get a good night’s rest. 

And who’s to say this stops with Pokemon Sleep?

Even when younger generations outgrow Pokemon Sleep, that habit of tracking their sleep could stick, so when they’re adults, they’ll already be on the right track to caring about their sleep and health. And whether that’s through sleep tracking wearables, beds with sleep tracking technology built-in, or other sleep tracking games, the key is to get people to think about their sleep, which is always a good thing for the bedding and mattress industry.

With no release date in sight, you have plenty of time to prepare for the ripple effects of Pokemon Sleep and how you can use the game to better connect with consumers. How would you use this type of game to promote your mattress store?

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