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Puffy Debuts Diamond Model

My name’s Brent Biermann and I’m the Retail General Manager for Puffy.

Puffy is a seven year old company that began online as strictly D2C, and a little over a year ago, we opted to go to the retail brick and mortar channel.

It’s a four bed line. We were launching a new model, our Puffy Diamond at the BrandSource Show that we’re at.

We are positioning ourselves as a luxury bed-in-the-box hybrid line. Our Puffy Diamond will have a sale price of $3,299 and it will fit in a box and it’s loaded. So that’s what we’re most excited about right now. It launched online a couple weeks ago, and it’s about two weeks away from being ready for brick and mortar retailers to order samples.

It’s got alpaca wool. It’s a quilted cover with cooling yarns, our first foray into a quilted cover. And in the build there’s latex, there’s more memory foam, and then we have a very unique five zone sculpted pad that works with it well, and it’s a foam and case product.

Our value proposition to brick and mortar retailers is we see consumers, when they Google mattresses, they’re taken to a litany of review sites.

And the review sites are always talking about D2C brands, right? Consumers are hearing about brands like Puffy, and that’s what they want to try. They read the reviews. Not so sure they want to click and buy online, so they want to go to a store. So they take advantage of our locator, and that’s our proposition.

We will drive incremental pre-sold traffic to you.

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