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PMP Rebrands to Better Help Retailers

Retail sales promotion and consulting firm Promotions Means Profits (PMP) has rebranded with a new name that represents what the company aims to accomplish for its clients.

While the old brand focused on keeping retailers in business, the company wanted to break away from the traditional liquidator feel.

From talks with industry financial experts, the company has determined that credit will be tightened in 2022-2023 as interest rates rise, which will cost and hurt retailers. Therefore PMP will continue to work with retailers so they can move on to their next goal and maximize profits.

PMP’s rebranding includes the “KIB” concept, which stands for “Keep’em In Business,” which aims to increase cash flow and new knowledge that sets the retailer up for continued success.

“It was time to shift the brand and the company into the KIB side of liquidation. The new name represents what our company does: we do promotions paired with on-site consulting,” says Cynthia Heathcoe, VP of business development. “We are the only company of our kind that assists a retailer in overcoming obstacles such as slow traffic, reduced margins, unmotivated staff and disorganized warehousing procedures, all while generating a year’s worth of volume for them during the three months we’re there.”

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