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Nationwide PrimeTime Coverage + The First FDA-Cleared Sheets

Hey Fam, It’s Adrienne!

Dos Marcos are at Nationwide Marketing Group’s PrimeTime, and they have a list full of things you need to know!

On the Dos Marcos podcast this week, the boys chat with the Co-Founder of Lifeloom about the first ever FDA-cleared sheets.

Have you ever taken advice from a blind adventurer? If not, you should. Check out the business advice offered by Erik Weihenmayer and more coverage from this week’s PrimeTime.

Plus, did you know that 64% of people don’t plan to test rest their next purchase? Check out exclusive research conducted in partnership with Nationwide Marketing Group.

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Dos Marcos Show

Lifeloom: The Story of the First FDA-Cleared Sheets

Have you ever thought of sheets as a medical product? This week on the Dos Marcos Show, Quinn and Kinsley chat with the Co-Founder of Lifeloom, Brad Siepp, who helped create the world’s first FDA-cleared sheets.

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That’s Marketing’s Job: Should RSA’s Be Responsible for Bringing in New Customers?

Using Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn are all common ways to start great conversations online, but you should never count out email.

In one email thread that lit a fire among mattress industry experts, Roger Cunningham, owner of The Bed Store in Knoxville, Tennessee, asked: “Do RSA’s have a role/responsibility in bringing in “new” customers? If so, what are some of the ‘proven’ methods of engaging that responsibility?”


10 E-commerce Trends To Know in 2022 

You’ve heard how important e-commerce is for retailers—and maybe you’ve even upped your game in your store recently.

But to keep up with consumer desires and be successful in 2022, you’ll have to embrace technology and merge your digital and in-store channels for an omnichannel experience.

Tech company STORIS recently released in 2022 trend report where they surveyed some of their own home furnishings retailers e-commerce, and here are 10 technology trends they say retailers need to know to be successful in the new year.

News and Headlines

Blind adventurer Erik Weihenmayer delivered the opening keynote at PrimeTime and shared a powerful message with attendees about how to use challenges and adversity to propel their businesses to new heights.

Nationwide introduced a new project information management system that aims to improve the quality of vendor data to help retailers deliver a consistent website experience—dubbed the “redefined furniture-centric shopping experience.”

Data Digs

64% Don’t Plan to Test Rest Next Purchase

Retailers need to focus on fitting people for the right mattress.

The FAM partnered with Nationwide Marketing Group to survey 2,000 mattress buyers and discovered that 64% said they would likely purchase their next mattress without trying it in person.

Ready for a shocker? More than half of people who bought a mattress from a furniture store or sleep shop said next time they buy a bed they don’t feel the need to try it first.

Side Note: Of those who purchased online this last time, 96% do not plan to try before buying the next time they purchase.

There’s still hope for those willing to work. If you sell mattresses, you know that sometimes it’s difficult to get people to actually lie down. If somebody wants to buy and bolt, sell ‘em a bed! But remember to build value in getting fitted for the right mattress. Explain pressure relief and support and how each person is unique. Build value in everything you do and why it matters.

Hungry for more useful data? Get the full report for free when you become a FAM+ Member, brought to you by Nationwide Marketing Group!

What’s the FAM Into?

Adrienne just bought…

A new set of bathroom towels. We haven’t purchased towels since we got married almost 13 years ago. We recently gutted our master bath and a new set of towels was necessary.

Alex is reading…

A super interesting article about how the word “cappicola” became “gabbagool” in the American-Italian language.


Adventures of Mattman: The Seven Day Sleep Challenge

In episode 23, Mattman is live and he’s issued us a seven-day sleep challenge to complete this year. Do you think you can handle it?

Listen to this Episode

Fun & Folly

 Is this cat a bank robber? Or wearing a permanent sleep mask?

 Jeopardy Question: Mark and Mark feel this way about their listeners? What is…

 A stunning shot of the Comet Leonard!

Foot Traffic Drivers

Need helping getting more people to your store?

Here’s an idea…

Invest in Google SEO. We know it doesn’t seem to correlate—how does SEO drive foot traffic? People are simply lazy. When they decide they want to buy something, be it online or in-store, most often they’ll type in the product in the google search bar. The first few businesses that pop up are likely to get the sale.

Why? Because they’ve invested in good SEO, they have the product to offer and if it’s a reasonable price, the consumer will purchase with little to no effort.

Foot traffic doesn’t always have in-store, it can be online too. Don’t lose out on easy sales for lack of a well-planned and executed digital presence.

On the hunt for more foot-traffic-driving ideas?

Pick up a copy of Kinsley and Quinn’s #1 Amazon bestselling book, “Come Back to Bed: Attract More Foot Traffic and Make People Fall in Love with Your Store.”

Amazing Sponsors

Retailers Love Englander. For more than 125 years, Englander has been making mattresses you’d recommend to your mom. See what real retailers have to say in these videos.

The Queen Loves Us. Sure, Prince Harry and Megs are on the outs with the Royal Family, but the Queen still loves Spink & Co. Their farm-to-bedroom luxury mattresses are fit for the Queen and ready for your retail floor. Find out more about how they grow luxury beds.

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