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Mattress News: Serta’s Cool New Arctic Sleep System, Spring Air Has One of Its Strongest Years in History 

Hot sleepers are in the crosshairs of Serta’s new Arctic Sleep System that is offering up to 15x better cooling.

Studies have shown that sleeping hot can noticeably impede the body’s ability to rest. And interrupted sleep can negatively impact a person’s health through irritability, increased stress, decreased creativity, and more. 

That’s why Serta unveiled its Arctic cooling sleep system, which is built with “15x better cooling power that feels up to five degrees cooler than the leading cooling mattress,” according to the company. 

“Sleeping hot can happen to anyone,” says Laura Brewick, senior vice president of marketing for Serta. “If you are sleeping hot, it could be because your mattress is actually trapping heat around your body. The Serta Arctic sleep system does the opposite — pulling heat away from the body for a restful, uninterrupted night’s sleep.”

Built with cooling technology exclusive to Serta, the sleep system is backed by rigorous product testing. The company also says that unlike many competing products, the Serta Arctic mattress is not merely a mattress that supplies “cool touch,” but rather one that provides all-night cooling relief.

The sleep system’s technology is powered by Reactex, part of Soft-Tex International, Inc. and features three layers of cooling technology that work together to pull heat deep into the mattress and away from the body. 

The mattress is available in foam and hybrid models, starting at $3,499 for a queen size. The foam model comes in plush and firm varieties, and the hybrid model comes in medium and plush varieties. All mattress versions come with a risk-free, 120-night trial. Complementary cooling accessories, including memory foam pillows, mattress protectors, and sheets, are also part of the system.  

Spring Air Announces a Banner Year 

Spring Air International is having a great year so far, as the company recently posted its strongest first-quarter sales in 12 years. 

Sales in Q1 2021 were $28 million—a 75%  increase over the same quarter last year—and the company is on track to achieve $120 million in annual sales for 2021.

The company attributes the success to “its ability to fill a void with retailers of all sizes—from small single-store operations to large national chains—that weren’t being serviced by other manufacturers because of pandemic-related shutdowns or issues with their supply chains,” according to a release.

“Some vendors had trouble keeping up with spikes in demand, which resulted in retailers looking to us to fill the gap,” says Nick Bates, president of Spring Air International. “In doing so, we grew our footprint with dealers of all sizes when they realized that they could rely on us to service their product assortments across a variety of styles and price points. We project this momentum will continue throughout the year—July, August, and September are typically the busiest months for us, which will add on top of the already strong first half of the year.”

Bates said Spring Air’s brands – Back Supporter, Chattam & Wells, Nature’s Rest, Nature’s Choice, Four Seasons, ComfortFlex, and Breathe – have resonated strongly with both dealers and consumers. These brands enable retailers to offer products at all levels of the price spectrum.

Currently, Spring Air is adding to its brand portfolio with the debut of Nature’s Choice, a hybrid collection that replicates the feel of latex at a “more attainable price;” and the relaunch of the ComfortFlex brand, which it first introduced 20 years ago as a value-priced line of bedding, and which will give dealers and consumers yet another brand option at the entry-level.

Beginning earlier this year, Spring Air initiated a new product development strategy, introducing new products when retailers need them, rather than waiting to launch new products at trade shows following the traditional industry market cycle. As part of this strategy, the company will unveil all-new products digitally, via social media and YouTube videos while continuing to participate in markets

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