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Mattress Madness Unpacked: Market Mysteries and Latest Trends

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Join Mark as he dives deep into the latest data from the International Sleep Products Association and the Better Sleep Council. In this episode, Mark breaks down 12 key findings from the Mattress Buying Trends Report, providing valuable insights for anyone in the mattress industry.

  1. Industry Shifts: Discover how the US mattress market performed in 2023 compared to 2022, with a focus on shipment data from manufacturers.
  2. Buying Trends: Learn about the types of mattresses gaining popularity and why hybrids and springs are the new favorites.
  3. Online vs. In-Store: Explore consumer preferences for purchasing mattresses online versus in-store, and why trying before buying still matters.
  4. Price Perception: Understand why people think good mattresses are more affordable now than before.
  5. Customer Satisfaction: Find out why more people are happy with their current mattresses and what this means for the industry.
  6. Advertising Impact: One-third of consumers start shopping for mattresses due to advertisements, especially sales.
  7. Research Habits: Most people do their homework on prices and customer reviews before making a purchase.
  8. Store Selection: Learn why free delivery, free pickup of old mattresses, and easy returns are top priorities for consumers.
  9. Brand Loyalty: Discover that most people switch mattress brands due to lower prices and better reputation, showing a shift in brand loyalty.
  10. Expert Insights: Hear from industry veteran Jerry Epperson on the economic factors affecting the mattress market and why the future looks promising despite current challenges.

It’s clear the mattress industry is abuzz with activity! Overall, consumers are happy with their purchases, driven by health considerations and influenced heavily by ads. Free delivery and easy returns are crucial, even as brand loyalty wanes. Don’t sleep on these insights!

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