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Mattress Mack’s Speech About Donald Trump and Being Relevant


Mattress Mack took the stage at Nationwide’s Primetime event in Houston, Texas.

He told stories about meeting Donald Trump, being relevant in the age of mobile phones, and praying with customers in their homes.

Dos Marcos reflected on Jim McIngvale’s words of wisdom and warning to those in the room.

Here are notes from Mack’s session:

Above all else, customers want convenience.How do I turn those customers who like what we’re doing in the community into buying customers?

Would the customer miss you if your store went out of business?

Average income in a 5-mile radius of Gallery Furniture is $26,000. Decided to start an accredited high school, trade school, and a free child care program for employees.

When his beloved Houston Astros went to the World Series, Mack placed one of the largest monetary bets on a single team in sports history. During that process he spent time with the employees from Bleacher Report and Draft Kings. He noticed their phone is their office. Bleacher Report’s oldest employee is 24 years old. If you’re not relevant on mobile devices you’ll probably be out of business.

Be relevant to your customers every single day.

What have I done for customers lately that’s personal, significant, and unexpected?

Mack told the story of a dying man’s wife who couldn’t get a lift chair for her husband. It was going to take two weeks to deliver. His wife called Gallery Furniture and Mack’s crew had it delivered in two hours. But that wasn’t what was most impressive. The two delivery drivers got down on their knees and prayed with that man and wife for his health and comfort.

Mack talked about meeting Donald Trump and said no matter what your politics Trump knows how to narrow down a message and make it stick. Jeb Bush wrote 90 thoughtful pages on immigration reform. Donald Trump said Build a Wall.

Business owners need to get clear on their message and make it memorable and repeatable.

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