SAVE THE DATE: Sleep Summit Oct 8-11, 2024

Mastering the ‘Art of No’: How Mattress Professionals Can Shed Dead Weight, Avoid Whiplash, and Unlock Their Best Year Ever

Wow, what a year it’s been!

In this episode, Mark Kinsley takes time to reflect on the past year and express gratitude for the incredible guests and events that have shaped the mattress industry community.

He highlights the success of Dream Camp and Sleep Summit, two of the year’s premier events, and announces exciting things to come. Mark also celebrates Englander’s impressive 130 year anniversary milestone.

Discussing the show’s impact, Mark shares how the Mattress Mentorship Mastermind has empowered so many through mentoring and inspiration. He recounts heartwarming stories from Dreams for All, an event focused on giving back.

As Kinsley looks ahead to 2024, Mark encourages listeners to be intentional, prioritize their values, and focus on building habits and systems for long-term success. He thanks the community for their involvement this past year and invites everyone to continue connecting through upcoming events and resources.

Mark is optimistic about the future and eager to continue growing the community of mattress industry leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs.


  • Dream Camp and Sleep Summit have become important events in the mattress industry, bringing together retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers.
  • Englander is celebrating its 130th anniversary and continues to prioritize customer satisfaction and comfort.
  • The Mattress Mentorship Mastermind provides coaching, mentorship, and accountability for industry professionals looking to grow and improve their businesses.
  • Giving back through events like Dreams for All can make a meaningful impact on individuals in need.
  • Being intentional, setting priorities, and focusing on systems and habits can lead to long-term success and personal growth.

00:00 Introduction and Gratitude

00:28 Dream Camp and Sleep Summit

02:18 Upcoming Events: Dream Camp and Sleep Summit 2024

03:40 Englander’s 130th Anniversary

04:39 Customer Testimonials

06:59 Mattress Mentorship Mastermind

12:19 Dreams for All Event

14:12 Being Intentional and Setting Priorities

19:04 Filtering Decisions Through Personal Values

21:01 Your Days Become Your Life

22:14 Identity vs Outcome

24:05 Ice Cubes and Bamboo

26:26 Looking Ahead to 2024

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