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Live from ISPA: Where Your Future Mattress Is Made

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In the podcast world, the guys over at the Dos Marcos headed off to ISPA and recapped the event on this week’s show. The covered trends, technology, and vendors you can’t miss. BT is back! He spoke with author April Sabral, CEO of RetailU, about the Positive Effect. If you’ve been missing BT, he made the wait worth it!

We’re also chatting about why you should hire more women in your business, the never-ending debate on whether Daylight Saving should be done away with and the perfect slogan for the furniture industry.

Also, your business website matters…a lot. Check out the research conducted in partnership with Nationwide Marketing Group and see what they found ranked as most important to consumers when deciding where to shop.

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Dos Marcos Show

Live from ISPA Expo: Where Your Future Mattress is Built

It was ISPA Expo week in Orlando, Florida. Retailers, manufacturers, buyers and sellers all gathered together for the first time in 4 years to celebrate. Was it worth attending? What did you miss? Catch the recap on this week’s episode!

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The Positive Effect with April Sabral

BT is back and he’s ending Season 3 with the CEO of RetailU, April Sabral. Together, they recap her career from part time sales associate to CEO and discuss her book, The Positive Effect.

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Research Shows Your Website Matters (A Lot)

Who would have thought?

We partnered with Nationwide Marketing Group to ask 2,000 mattress buyers this question:

Please rank the following by the level of influence these factors had on your purchasing decision for your most recent mattress purchase?

● Touching and Feeling

● Online Reviews

● Visit Local Retailer

● Mattress Brand’s Website

● Recommendation from Friends & Family

● Retailer’s Website

And the winner was…

That’s right, a retailer’s website had the most influence on consumers’ purchasing decisions — more so than a mattress brands website, online reviews, and visiting a retailer in person.

What should you do next? Invest in your website. Understand how people are using your site and what they want from it. Be sure that your website reflects the in-store experience as much as possible. Do you offer financing? How about delivery? Make sure shoppers get answers to their questions. Also, make sure they can complete the purchase on your site. When people are ready to buy, they don’t always make a trip back to your store.

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Why Furniture Companies Should Hire More Women

It’s 2022, yet the discussion on whether businesses should hire more women is still ongoing. Read or listen to why women at the table and placed in influential positions can be good for your business and your bottom line.

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News and Headlines

Intiaro Raising Money For Ukraine. Karol Wrobel, an executive with3D visualization platform Intiaro and his wife, Katia, are organizing a fundraising initiative to help deliver of medical equipment and supplies to Ukraine during the ongoing conflict overseas.

The City of Hope and 30th Annual West Coast Golf & Tennis Tournament announce that sponsorship and support are growing for one of the industry’s largest fundraising events.

Will we ever see an end to DST? Only time will tell.

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“I just listened to an episode of Human Hope, hosted by Carlos Whitaker, also known as @loswhit on IG. It was an episode on Hot Topics he and his wife disagree on (think: vaccines, parenting, and politics) and how they navigate the discussions. His biggest takeaway, “your opinion is not who you are. We have lost the art of disagreeing gracefully. See people for who they are, not their opinion on an issue.”

Alex is Obsessed With…

NEW Podcast

Have you listened to the ReTell Podcast Yet?

If not, what are you waiting for? He’s got 7 episodes uploaded for season 1 and he’s not done yet. Check it out!

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Live Furnish

Fake photo alert!

This appears to be a super-stylish modern living room—and it is—but it’s entirely photorealistic imagery. And it’s cheaper to produce than traditional photography [rejoice 🙌 ].

Who is responsible?

Live Furnish

Whether you want a cabin in the woods or a penthouse in New York, you’ll get high-quality images that look like real photography.

See More Photo-Realistic Images

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Fun & Folly

The bumblebee bat is actually the world’s smallest mammal

 Bet you can’t eat just one….A Harvard study found this food item causes the most weight gain in people.

 On this day in History… the first ever escalator was patented in 1892.

Foot Traffic Drivers

Need helping getting more people to your store?

Here’s an idea…

Host a Garden Show.

Spring has sprung! Partner with a local nursery and host a garden party. Offer for the nursery to sell hanging plants and other outdoor decorative plants and set up outside living spaces with the furniture you offer. Also host a gardening 101 session where wanna-be gardeners can come and learn how to take their gardens up to the next level!

On the hunt for more foot-traffic-driving ideas?

Pick up a copy of Kinsley and Quinn’s #1 Amazon bestselling book, “Come Back to Bed: Attract More Foot Traffic and Make People Fall in Love with Your Store.”

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