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King Koil’s CEO David Binke on Navigating the Sale of the Company and Increasing AUSP 9X

From aligning mattresses to aligning values, David Binke lays it all on the bed for us, proving that a good foundation—in both sleep and life—can truly make a world of difference.

In this engaging episode of The FAM Podcast, host Mark Kinsley is joined by David Binke, the charismatic CEO of King Koil. Binke, a legend with a 40-year tenure in the mattress industry, delves into his vast experiences and the strategic maneuvers that have defined his leadership at King Koil.

The conversation covers a wide range of topics, from David’s early days in the industry to significant pivots in business strategy that have redefined how King Koil operates. The discussion also touches on personal anecdotes, particularly the profound influence of David’s father, a Holocaust survivor, which shaped his approach to business and life. Additionally, David’s dedication to philanthropy and his deep-rooted commitment to community involvement are highlighted, demonstrating how his professional journey is intertwined with a mission to contribute positively to society.

Strategic Vision in Business: David discusses his strategic decisions in transforming King Koil from a licensing model to a company focused on owned and operated units, drastically increasing the average unit selling price and repositioning King Koil as a premium brand in the industry.

Impact of Personal History on Professional Ethos: David shares moving insights about his father, a Holocaust survivor, whose experiences have deeply influenced David’s values and leadership style, emphasizing resilience, giving back to the community, and maintaining a strong work ethic.

Philanthropy as a Core Value: Throughout his career, David has not only focused on business success but also on his role in the community. His annual participation in charitable events and his upcoming recognition with a Lifetime Achievement Award by City of Hope highlight his commitment to making a difference.

Don’t sleep on this episode; it’s packed with more layers than a well-made bed!

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