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Introducing the Sleep Summit Show: Uncovering the Secrets of the Sleep Industry

Introducing the Sleep Summit Show with Mark Kinsley.

The Sleep Summit Show is a new podcast that uncovers the secrets of the sleep industry. 

Mark Kinsley, President and CEO of the Englander Mattress Company and founder of The FAM, hosts the show. It explores bold ideas from innovators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders who are shaping the sleep industry.

The purpose of the Sleep Summit Show is to connect people with thought leaders, products, technology, research, ideas, and devices that aim to support people on their sleep journey. 

Kinsley believes the pursuit of better sleep is a dynamic journey. People need pathways that connect them to the various aspects of sleep health so they can gain knowledge and insights, while being exposed to products that can support their pursuit of better sleep. 

Sleep Summit will be that connection point that brings the sleep community together. 

Listeners will hear from experts who are revolutionizing how we rest and recharge. The guests will include the CEO of Nanobionics, the President of Ergomotion, the President of Raymour and Flanigan, and many others. 

Each show will also feature a Sleep Summit Quiz Question to deepen the listeners’ knowledge about sleep. Plus, Kinsley will ask each guest, “Where is the strangest place you’ve ever slept?”

The Sleep Summit Show is a fun and informative resource for anyone interested in learning about the sleep industry and maximizing their sleep and performance.


Mark Kinsley: Welcome to the Sleep Summit Show, my new podcast dedicated to uncovering the secrets of the sleep industry. My name is Mark Kinsley. I’m the president and c e O of Englander Mattress Company and the founder of the fam. And this show is dedicated to exploring bold ideas, innovation entrepreneurs, and thought leaders that are shaping the sleep economy.

I’m obviously interested in sleep products and how they contribute to our quality of rest, but in this show I wanted to open the aperture and connect this audience to the broader sleep economy. I think about people on a sleep journey, similar to what happens when somebody starts with nutrition or working out.

Maybe in the beginning they’re walking every day, maybe it’s couch to 5k, then they start jogging, get a gym membership. Maybe they try out Orange Theory in a year down the road, they’re taking a CrossFit course. But over time, they explore various aspects of that physical training. And I think when somebody begins a sleep journey, first of all, it’s less definitive because.

Usually there’s no starting point. People say, you know, I sleep every day. So it’s not like they’re starting anything completely new. But as they gain knowledge and they apply that knowledge, they are beginning a new journey. It’s one where the next steps aren’t always clear. If a person goes to buy a new mattress and that experience sparks some sort of interest in harnessing the power of maximizing sleep and performance, where do they go next?

There’s no lattice work. There’s no connective tissue. That gets them in touch with all the technology, the consumables, the research focused thought leaders, and other elements that can really help along that sleep journey. Sleep Summit show and the mission behind the podcast are going to delete that dead end.

We are here to build upon the community that we’ve created in the mattress industry and fling open the doors on sleep house and make sure everybody has a seat at the table to connect and maximize their impact. In the universe of sleep, I want you to sign up for all the alerts and all the newsletters and subscribe to the show and share it with your friends and colleagues because we’re gonna explore the forefront of sleep innovation, surfacing those timeless truths, and we’re gonna hear from experts who are revolutionizing how we rest and recharge.

Get ready to hear from the c e O of Nano Biotics, a sleep innovation company chosen by NASA iTech as one of the top 10 products worldwide. That could impact space exploration. I sit down with Seth Goldberg, the president of Ray Moore and Flanagan at 150 store furniture and mattress juggernaut to talk about how they’re going from building on success to a culture of execution plus, GI Perez, the new president of the world’s largest adjustable base manufacturer, ergo Motion, and that, in my opinion, is the number one item, bringing non-invasive sleep tracking and technology into the bedroom, all that.

Plus, during every single show, I ask each guest, where is the strangest place you have ever slept? And those answers are a lot of fun and often reveal some exciting and really unexpected information about each guest. And of course, we’re gonna do the sleep summit quiz question designed to test each guest and deepen your knowledge about sleep.

I wanna thank you in advance for letting me be your guide as we explore the sleep industry and the sleep economy together, and try to bring better rest to the rest of the world.

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