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How You React When Life Hits Hard Matters

These are some crazy times we are living in wouldn’t you say? 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “just because you have the power to be an asshole, doesn’t mean you SHOULD be an asshole.” 

Suppliers from all over are having trouble getting their products to people. Covid has shut down factories, and people don’t want to come back to work anymore. On top of that, the demand spike has made it tough for the guys in the factories out there to keep up with production.

There are a lot of things going wrong right now, and when life hits us hard our reaction to that is important. 

Let’s all take a minute to pause on what is going on, how we are handling it, and what it will all mean down the road. Ask yourself a few questions:

– Are you making decisions that consider the people in your world first and profits second? We all have to manage to the bottom line there is no doubt, but compassion and empathy should serve as our guiding light.

– Are the decisions you’re making right now the best for your business long-term or are you playing the short game? There may be things that we need to do to get us through where we are but can they be undone when things return to some sort of “normal”?

– If you want to know how good you are in developing and nurturing relationships, now is a good time to see the fruits of your labor. Do you treat your suppliers with respect and appreciation? Do you treat your customers with respect and appreciation?

If we have done a good job of nurturing those relationships they could buy you some favor with your supplier or maybe even the grace you need when you fall down with your customer. If you are in a “transactional” relationship then you could suffer the fate of that reality.

– What kind of leader are you right now?  Inspiration or intimidation? Stress is a tough thing to deal with, especially when it could mean the failure of your business. Some get pissy and float around the office beating up the team for different results. Others see an opportunity, excite the troops, and find a way to lead their people into battle looking for the win.

– Real leaders will show themselves in times like this. Some will look for rocks to hide behind. Others will step up and look for creative solutions to the complex problems facing them, and drive forward no matter what obstacle is in the way. Which one is leading your group?

I understand that relationships don’t always fix the problem. Sometimes you have to use a boot instead of a carrot. Some things are just flat out of your control and you can’t Marry Poppins your way through every situation.

However, we can get to the other side and feel great about how we got there which oddly enough, usually delivers the best outcomes. Funny how that works.

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