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How Are You Helping Customers Get A Better Night’s Sleep?

Consider the sleep disruptors that detract from good quality REM sleep. 

  • Noise
  • Light
  • Stress
  • Animals in bed
  • Temperature
  • Blankets, sheets, pillows
  • Food and drink
  • Changing schedules due to shift work
  • Physical pain
  • Scents
  • Medical conditions
  • Uncomfortable mattress

If you do a proper job of interviewing a person about all of the things standing in the way of a serious log-sawing session, then some of these things will come out. 

If you’re in a mattress store, maybe they don’t get into it with you—because why would they? 

What if you were someone that was suffering from poor sleep and really needed help? You were waking up tired and in pain. Your attitude sucked at work, you looked like hell with bags under your eyes, and you were constantly drinking caffeine and eating sweets to compensate. Where would you go for solutions? What if there was a store that could address all aspects of poor sleep?

Check out The FAM’s “The Sleep Store of the Future” report to learn more about how you become an RSA that’s also a consumer’s source for sleep knowledge. 

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