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Hoot Judkins Find Success with Aperture Platform  

Outward, Inc., an independent Williams-Sonoma Inc. company providing automated photography solutions for the home furnishings industry, recently completed its first Aperture Platform installation at Hoot Judkins Furniture, the Bay Area’s largest wood furniture store.

The Aperture Platform, which made its commercial debut at the October High Point Market, consists of an automated photo rig installed at the customer’s location and a web software application that helps retailers and manufacturers quickly produce consistent-quality imagery. 

This installation now allows Hoot Judkins to photograph its entire product line without the time and cost of a traditional photographer and studio set up, according to Outward, and the company can use the Aperture Platform’s flexibility to produce content for various marketing needs.

“We chose to use the Aperture Platform to quickly develop high-quality imagery for our merchandising needs across our website, brochures, and social media,” says Vicki Marchant, owner of Hoot Judkins Furniture. “The accuracy of this technology is very impressive, and it accomplishes merchandising goals for us that would be very hard to do without it. The set-up and photography processes are so streamlined, and the technology automatically edits shadows and backgrounds to fit exactly what we are looking for.”

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