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Ghostbed Releases Active Massage Mattress

Hi, it’s Alan Hirschhorn. I’m the Executive Vice President of GhostBed. We’re here in the Las Vegas showroom.

What’s new for us is our new massage bed. This massage bed is actually an actively working massage.

It’s not vibration. It actually helps you, it massages your body. We’ve designed this bed with our partners Cosia, who are leaders in the massage industry. One of the things that it is, is it’s an absolute need because it’s gonna drive retail customers into retail stores. You can’t test this bed online.

You’ve gotta come into the store, lay down and actually get a full body massage.

So we think this is a great bed for every retailer to come to our space in B-980 see it and put it on your floors because again, it’s gonna do two things: it’s going to help your consumers and it’s gonna help drive traffic.

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