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From 8×8 Swap Meet Booth to Full-Time Family Business


Luis Lopez started his furniture and mattress business from an 8×8 booth at a swap meet outside Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Over time, he quadrupled his booth space and built up a loyal customer base. One day, his friend watched (mouth wide open) as Luis wrote a $10,000 ticket. 

By the way, Luis didn’t start speaking English until he was 18 years old. And while he was getting his furniture business started he was a server at Golden Corral, a salesperson at a furniture store, and was an estimator for a construction company.

Since those humble beginnings at the swap meet, Lopez Furniture has expanded to three stores, is launching a new location in Las Vegas, and now employs most of his family. 

Thanks to our sponsor Doorcounts for getting us connected to Luis. Be sure to listen to the story about how Mrs. Lopez, Luis’ mom, reacted when they got rid of paper tracking and adopted Doorcounts. 

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Foot traffic is expensive. Do you know what’s more costly? We call it “Track Lack.”

If you lack the ability to track who’s coming into your store and what happens while they’re there (and after they leave), you could have a severe case of “Track Lack.” 

Doorcounts is a tracker and a connector. Doorcounts Connects: 

1. A smart camera to a CRM database. 

2. Every customer to a salesperson.

3. Better insights to your business decisions. 

4. More sales to grow your business faster.

Here’s how Doorcounts works:  1) a camera sends a photo to the next salesperson’s smartphone. 2) the salesperson then records details in a CRM database and upboard from their phone 3)  actions can be automatically scheduled and/or fulfilled 4) you never miss another sales opportunity. 

We’re really excited to partner with Doorcounts. out Doorcounts.com today and tell them Dos Marcos sent you! 

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