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Ergomotion Partners with Garmin on Ergospotive Smart & Adjustable Recovery System

The connection between sleep and wellness has become clearer as technology advances, which is why Ergomotion created a wellness division within the company that focuses on technology and products made for overall well-being and recovery of the user. 

Gui Peres heads Ergomotion’s wellness division and has been working with Garmin on a new project: the Ergosportive Smart & Adjustable recovery system.

The sleep system offers 24/7 monitoring for active users without requiring a wearable monitor at night. The tech continues to monitor a user’s vitals while they’re asleep with sensors embedded into the adjustable bed. 

The sensors read vitals through the mattress, so it doesn’t matter what mattress is being used— though Ergomotion does offer a mattress with the system. However, it can be used with any mattress, no matter how thick, because the sensors on the base can feel a user’s heart rate through micro-vibrations and detect a person’s respiration rate as well as their tossing and turning. 

“Usually when we’re really tired at night, we tend to snore more, especially if you’re a positional snorer,” Peres says. “The bed knows you’re snoring, and it’ll slightly elevate the head of the base to help open your air passageways so that you will breathe easier, causing you to snore less. The bed directly affects the quality of your sleep because it knows you need it and can tell when you need to sleep better.”

If you run a 10K, the bed will know and offer suggestions, like winding down 15 minutes earlier than usual or sleeping an extra 10 minutes in the morning so you can have a full recovery. “It’ll coach you through when you need more or less recovery,” Peres adds. “And again, it creates that 24/7 cycle where it knows what your vitals were during the day, and then it monitors them at night as well. 

“There’s nothing to turn on, there’s nothing to activate it, it works immediately,” Peres explains. “As soon as you lay down, it knows and it starts tracking your vitals. It connects with the Garmin system, so it knows what your activities were during the day because it communicates with your Garmin device and is sent that data.” 

The ErgoSportive base also tracks health trends, like if a person goes to sleep too late after exercising heavily throughout the day.

“The key feature and value of this product is that over the course of weeks and months, it’ll coach you into better recovery,” Peres explains.

He predicts that this will be the future of sleep, which is part of why Ergomotion’s wellness division was created in the first place. 

“This is something we believe everyone should have access to, from kids to young adults to older adults, to active people to non-active people—everyone needs the coaching and sleep monitoring to help them increase their sleep, which will help them increase their wellness,” Peres says.

Ergomotion will showcase the Ergosportive system at the winter Las Vegas Market. It will be available for purchase in the second quarter of this year. 

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