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Eight Sleep Raises $40 Million For Research and Growth

Is sleep fitness the next frontier for the mattress industry? 

Eight Sleep is betting a big chunk of its latest $40 million funding round that sleep fitness is going to be more than a fad—it’s a movement. The company plans to put a portion of their newfound money toward sleep research. 

Eight Sleep makes sleep-tracking beds that pair with smartphone apps to help monitor sleep factors like a person’s heart or respiratory rate. Other features may include temperature control, smart-home integrations, and smart alarms, among others. The mattress could become a hub for the home.

The company told Forbes that it aims to invest the money in scientific research and development, with plans to launch a scientific trial with Stanford University. Eight Sleep is already working with Mount Sinani and UCSF on other studies as well.

With Stanford, the company will focus on the effects of temperature regulation on sleep while using Eight Sleep products.

Using the funds, the New York-based company also plans to double its team of 50 to 100, and they will primarily use a direct-to-consumer model.

If sleep is starting to take its rightful place at the top of the health pyramid, are you positioned well to tap into that consumer interest? Are you selling products or attaching those products to the incredible benefits they can offer in the way of better sleep? If not, hitch your wagon to a star and see how high you can climb.

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