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Dream Fit: Guaranteed to Fit, Guaranteed to Stay On

My name is Chris Taheny. I am the Senior Vice President of Sales for Dream Fit- Guaranteed to fit, guaranteed to stay on.

What’s new is a lot of retailers are starting to realize that as the proliferation of the adjustable bed sale has really taken off, it was almost like mattress sales and adjustable bed sales grew into our product line.

Why that matters is because the idea of sleeping on an adjustable bed is at an all time high, and the most common complaint that we hear about after the sale is, “I love my bed, but I really wish our sheets would stay on it,” or “I really wish our mattress protector would not ruffle underneath me.

 When the retailer is starting to sell beds at $2,500 or higher, what your retailer does not want to have happen is that customer to complain after a sale of that magnitude for something as simple as their sheets not staying on it.

Dreamfit is doing it differently because we are a proud American manufacturer.

And we are the only ones that make the claim publicly guaranteed to fit, guaranteed to stay on. It’s one of our trademark slogans and when the retailer attaches Dream Fit bedding to any bed their customer is getting a degree of commitment that is otherwise not guaranteed by other suppliers.

 It’s very common that our retailers will say, “We need DreamFit because when we have a slow afternoon and nobody’s coming in buying a mattress, we could have two people coming in to buy another set of your sheets,” and that’s very important.

We even have some that say our sheet specifically is the number one product on their floor that brings in a guaranteed repeated referral purchase.

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