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Diamond Mattress Patents Coolstream Ventilated Comfort Layers

Diamond Mattress has patented a new foam-encased design that features specially ventilated layers that work together with the coil openings of the inner core to provide maximum airflow and heat dissipation. 

By having ventilated openings in the comfort and base layer, the system is designed to allow complete breathability “for a more cool and comfortable sleep,” according to the company.

What makes this product unique is that the ventilated layer is directly secured to the springs—which are positioned within the inner core—and held in place by the mattress rails, preventing it from shifting out of position. 

A comfort layer including ventilation openings is supported by the rails of the mattress so that the comfort layer covers the mattress and the ventilation openings are in fluid communication with the inner core. In some cases, the comfort layer can be positioned so that the ventilation openings are aligned with the coil openings.

“Sleeping hot, caused by built-up body heat, is one of the top reasons people are disrupted from sleep and do not feel rested when they wake up,” says Shaun Pennington, Diamond President and inventor of the Coolstream Ventilated Comfort Layers. “The design enables natural airflow without the aid of devices or additives, and that’s important to a lot of people looking for cooler sleep solutions.”

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