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Delivery Drivers Are Great Marketers (If You Let Them)

From Door Dash to Instacart to mattress delivery, your delivery drivers could be the key to your success.

How so?

On today’s episode, Co-Host Keith Moneymaker of Sweet Dreams Mattresses and More returns and identifies a common mistake retailers are making.

Join Moneymaker, alongside Adrienne and Mark, as he discusses how under utilizing your employees (specifically the delivery driver) is a missed marketing strategy. Together, they touch on employee training, empowerment, management and how investing in your employees is a lesson you cannot afford to miss. 

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Mark Kinsley: You have delivery people that are great marketers, but you gotta empower them. You have to train them and you have to make sure they’re consistent with your marketing message. How does it work? We’ve got Keith moneymaker back on the show. The fam marketing show begins right now.

Keith moneymaker. Welcome back to the show, my friend, how are you and your giant beer doing?

Keith Moneymaker: I am just shaking my marketing money maker everywhere.

Mark Kinsley: You know, you were the inspiration for that.

Adrienne Woods: You really were.

Keith Moneymaker: well, you know,

Adrienne Woods: oh, this is gonna be so great.

Mark Kinsley: So for those. those who don’t know the name of our newsletter is shake your marketing moneymaker. And this is Keith moneymaker. And we’re like, that’s gonna be a great name from the newsletter because we want people to get out there and shake it, work it, move it, feel it, do all the things that we know Keith moneymaker does in his marketplace.

And that’s why he is an expert. Who’s here in the show today because we want him [00:01:00] to share. A little bit of marketing magic with you about delivery drivers and how they can be great marketers and how your even your truck can be a great marketing vehicle. Uh, we’ll get to that one later on, but first we always have a trivia question right off the top and Adrian has it for us.

Adrienne Woods: Oh, it’s the best. Okay. So let’s talk about YouTube. Okay. How many YouTube channels have more than a million subscribers? I’m gonna give you three, three options. 5700 or 8,000.

Mark Kinsley: Have more than a million subscribers.

Adrienne Woods: more than a million?

Mark Kinsley: Hmm. Don’t be doing any Googling. I can see you, man. You’re slick.

Adrienne Woods: No, he’s thinking,

Mark Kinsley: Oh no, no. He had a phone.

Adrienne Woods: cheater.

Mark Kinsley: Somebody’s calling. No, somebody’s calling his store.

Keith Moneymaker: wanna buy mattresses from me, I guess.

Mark Kinsley: Okay. So I’m gonna say 8,000 because I know YouTube is huge. It’s been around since 2005. I even know the origin story. I’m gonna say 8,000 people have more than a million [00:02:00] on YouTube, but he’s saying 3,700.

Adrienne Woods: 30 seven’s not 37. Wasn’t an option. 3,500 was

Keith Moneymaker: I’m sorry.

Mark Kinsley: You just making up numbers now

Keith Moneymaker: 700. Okay. So

Mark Kinsley: 7000.

Adrienne Woods: 35. Okay. So we have 3,500 to 8,000. All right. I’ll let you guys know at the end of the show,

Keith Moneymaker: Oh, thanks.

Adrienne Woods: we get into exceptional

Mark Kinsley: Exceptional And by the way, you can text us on our podium number, which is up on fam.news. If you have a guess of your own, or if you want to ask Keith moneymaker a question that we didn’t get to Keith, tell us about how delivery drivers can be. Great marketers. If you let them.

Keith Moneymaker: And well, first starts off with giving people You know, not micromanaging everybody that works for you, have to learn how to lead, but then you have to teach. Yep. You have to learn how to lead and then teach other people how to lead because you can’t control everything. And if you, even, if you, if you don’t wanna grow your business, if you just [00:03:00] want to sustain in your business, you’re gonna end up with turnover. Um, if you don’t teach other people how to do what you do, genuinely speaking, I have. Four managers that work for me, one for our charity delivery manager at the store slash sales manager and, um, a marketing manager. So, sorry, I’ve got so four people that lead everybody else, but I still am involved in some of the day to day and things like that. Corey non delivery manager, couldn’t be here today. We actually just unloading a truck at the warehouse he’s keeping those guys on top of their game. He, um, been with me, actually, my longest member. So he’s been over with us six years and he’s been through the thick of it, the best lessons I think he’s learned are the ones he’s done himself.

And he’s been able to turn those into experiences how he trains our delivery team, where we used to be stressed and didn’t know who was gonna do a day, or it was gonna be me at the end of the night or call my dad where now we have Corey. have six full-time guys where we can run six days a week deliveries.

And on top of that, have somebody [00:04:00] always available for trucks. And on top of that run a same day or next day delivery on a second truck. If we need to. Now I understand that takes but Corey’s trained all these guys based on him able to grow. So Corey has grown in the past six years, just from just your regular delivery guy to now my delivery manager, like I don’t worry about anything delivery warehouse.

Like I don’t have to worry. It’s great. It’s beautiful. It’s a beautiful thing. He’s been on every, every type of delivery. He knows how all the experiences we do, a quarterly meeting, getting from the delivery guys, making sure the sales team and the delivery team are kind of running the sequence. Um, because believe it or not, as important as having sales people on the floor is the delivery team or the last people that are gonna see your end consumer. And if they don’t, they don’t have your company’s. If they don’t have your sorry. If they don’t know anything about your company, if they don’t like they aren’t best in your company, they’re not gonna genuinely care about what they’re doing.

They’re just gonna, you know, set up mattress and frame and leave instead of, Mrs. Smith, [00:05:00] would you, do you need us to vacuum under your bed? If it’s an elder lady or let me actually take initiative and tighten up that headboard of that frame. So it doesn’t wobble. When we leave hell, do you need help?

Put your bed on? Do you need help? Put your mattress protector on that other mattress? We need to move in the other room. things like that, we delivered expectations to our delivery. Um, but we, we, we don’t, um, I’m sorry, I’m going all over the place here.

Mark Kinsley: No, you’re, you’re actually nailing it because I think one of the things you, one of the things you’re talking about here, I know like we, we talked about this as a marketing show and it is, your culture that you create, the training you invest in, people really reflects the brand. So every touchpoint, your people are gonna pay off your brand and your brand is what people can know and trust, and then want to do business with your brand is what people are gonna recommend to their friends and neighbors and loved ones.

But if somebody comes into your house and they don’t vacuum under the bed, or they leave a mess behind like the H V a C guys did in my house the other day, you know, I’m sweeping the stairs, trying to get it all cleaned up. They were nice enough guys, but I. Paying attention [00:06:00] to some of those details is gonna make you a raving fan and the marketing is gonna happen for you.

And especially if the expectation this is a delivery guy, you know, they’re gonna be covered in, you know, dust and grill, you know, felt and grim and everything. But if they come in and they exceed expectations and they surprise and delight that person now, all of a sudden marketing is happening for your business.

That you didn’t even know was possible. You, you may not even ever know that it’s going to promote your business through that person’s sphere of influence, but it’s happening.

Keith Moneymaker: We often in our industry just,

Adrienne Woods: past week’s no, go ahead.

Keith Moneymaker: oh no, you’re good. Go ahead.

Adrienne Woods: no. All I was gonna say is that if you look back to, I think it’s this week’s fan marketing show when it talks about, is this what you were gonna say? Keith?

Keith Moneymaker: Mm. Mm

Adrienne Woods: you look back to this week, I think we talked about. People are out there to steal your people.

And so if you’re not investing in them, then other people are gonna take them and they will, and they’ll be a better representation for that company. [00:07:00] So it, that if you get good people, you can train them up, but do so well.

Keith Moneymaker: You sure can. And I am on the hunt. I am constantly on the hunt for other people that are working for other companies. I don’t, I don’t really do for the local and stuff. Cause I pride myself under the local business support, but I’m constantly on the, if I see if I see a great person, but just a Shabb work environment and stuff, I am, I am on the pro all the time.

Um, and I think we just think of in our industry, just, just delivery guys, you know, we just think of it, delivery guys, delivery, guys, delivery guys. We we deliver the expectation up fronts. Like we have, um, we deliver a two hour window. We’ll guys a call when we’re on the way before running early, or if we’re running late, if you call three times no answer, we don’t show up.

So all these things we go over in, in training and, and treat them not just as a, as a delivery guy, as a speaking voice. It’s the team. And like we talked about in the last episode, having a story to tell too, like, yes, you can set your company apart and have no story to tell such as like dreams for all, but all those touchpoint of just cleaning up after yourself, calling when you’re on the way, helping them [00:08:00] make the bed and then a little in game.

And then a little story to tell where their used beds going. Like it’s a. Even if it’s not anything dreams for all, it’s just something you’re doing for the food bank. Like, Hey, if it is the food bank, you give all your, your delivery team, like a coupon to give to every consumer at the end of the day or a little gift or something like that.

Like they are your last touch point and your last point for word of mouth and, and so many companies. Oh, we’ll just get more delivery guys. Oh, we’ll just get more delivery guys. No, like. I have, I have solid anywhere from one year to over six years with us. And I have 16 employees and most of which are full time.

So I’m a fine example of like, if you invest in your people, they’ll stick around and, and not just for the money, a lot of times even bring up in the meetings. You think they need a raise like Keith, it’s not just about the money. Like, so like my deliver my managers, they have a more close relationship with the other team members.

So they really know what makes them tick and they. When I say makes them tick. I mean, know what motivates them and it, and it’s not just money. It’s time off. It’s what, what does this person do as a hobby? How can you support their something? Their family members doing things [00:09:00] like that, like quality over quantity every day.

Mark Kinsley: I tell you a kind word goes a long way too, because people are going home at night and they’re sitting down at the dinner table. And if they’re able to tell their husband or wife something nice that their boss said to them or that the owner of the store said to them, is gonna create. Such a special moment, they get to share with their And so I think, you know, it’s all about culture and it’s all about training and all these things you’re talking about. Let’s, let’s get into nitty gritty just a little bit though, because as a marketing show, What are some of the things that your delivery drivers do that actually market your business?

Just like you talked about, if you didn’t listen to the last episode with Keith, he talks about dreams for all foundation, which takes old or use sanitizes them and gives them the people in need people that otherwise can’t afford a mattress might be sleeping on the floor. just like you said, from a marketing stand.

And from a, a love standpoint, I love this brand, your drivers are [00:10:00] doing a fair bit of marketing there by saying, here’s, here’s what end of life is gonna look like. We’re gonna basically resuscitate your mattress and gonna, it’s gonna be reincarnated here and, and actually continue to serve somebody.

But beyond that, like what’s nitty gritty for you in terms of marketing with delivery drivers.

Keith Moneymaker: Um, well, the presentation of the truck, you know, we, we often see a lot of our industry using rented trucks. Um, so it’s up to the, the company of the retail store. It’s like, how do you mainly operate? And if you are doing a lot of deliveries, you, you’re not investing in a wrap or signing your truck, it represents your brand.

You’re, you’re not hitting home. That is a drive. That is a billboard that is a mobile billboard. You can drive anywhere and guess. Along with digital and targeted marketing. And then somebody’s truck pulls up in that driveway like that. You just hit a home run. They’re so not just one, not that’s the guys, but it’s the delivery.

And also teaching your delivery team rules and respects on the like already that just remind things on [00:11:00] to make they’re being respectful drivers. Um, Matching company gear gear that looks that matches and all goes together. Not just show up in and blue jeans provide them, invest in them, give them some good shirts, give them a good hat, a beanie, a sweatshirt.

When they’re cold, checking them often provide water on the trucks, provide drinks for your team things. They don’t have to spend their extra money on and you’re providing, so then they don’t have to worry about that stuff. And they’re more invested in getting the job done at the end of the day. Corey Corey takes all the guys to, to lunch once a week.

Like they have this, their own like little crony session, like of just like hanging out and go to lunch and, and he invests and spends time and genuinely cares about them. So if you don’t have a delivery manager in between you and your delivery team, you, you need to be taking time separate separately with your sales team and your delivery team to do things for them and not just be on your phone, all lunch period, either like book an hour out for you to do lunch with your delivery team and show them that you care.

Mark Kinsley: It is the final touchpoint, the final touchpoint from, and really it closes the loop for the salesperson. So your [00:12:00] salesperson might do the best job on the planet. And then if fumbled, everything gets screwed up from there. Great tips, Keith moneymaker as always so much of it revolves around and culture, investing in your people, and then making sure you’re checking in with them and making sure that, you know, the standard.

And your expectations are being met and that’s, what’s gonna help your delivery team turn into great marketers. And then of course, you know, some people put products on the truck, you know, whether it’s a bed frame or pillows or sheets. So if you can figure out that piece of the puzzle as well, you can actually transact right there from the road as well.

And I know that’s a, a whole other conversation, but in terms of marketing and driving sales, you know, making sure that customer’s needs are fulfilled, I think is also important if you’re able to do.

Keith Moneymaker: absolutely. A Adrian, were you gonna ask me something?

Adrienne Woods: No, I was just gonna, I basically, mark basically took it outta my mouth to say, you know, sometimes your delivery drivers are undervalued because they are the very last touch point. And you could have given the customer an exceptional in-store experience and then it’s ruined if your [00:13:00] ends it.

And they’re like, oh, well they just left mud all over my house or else up.

Mark Kinsley: And I’ll tell you in this day and age, if you can set yourself. By thinking about transitions, that’s gonna go a long way. And we’ve literally, I’ve given an entire speech about this to nationwide prime time. And it was all about winning in the transitions. the idea here is the ti you know, what are the transitions that happen you either go into buy a mattress or after you’ve purchased a A big transition is the time between bought it until they’re here at my house. That transition. It can be long, you know, sometimes it could take a few days cuz you have to coordinate schedules and things like that. Well, um, if you can figure out ways to create delight in those gaps, those, those time periods that are typically kind of clunky, then you can really surprise and delight people.

For example, there’s a baseball team called the Savannah bananas. Well from the time some a, uh uh, a ticket to the, to the [00:14:00] baseball game, know, from leaving their house to go to the baseball game. It’s transit. So, what do they do? They send people, a Spotify playlist to get ’em pumped up and it’s all about baseball and fun stuff like that the parking lot.

They have parking penguins that help them find a place to, to park. So all these very low delight moments they’ve turned into surprise and people are happy. So think about your delivery team and think about those transitions. And I think you’re gonna win. And what I wanna think about is the right answer to this trivia question, Adrian, remind us what it was and we’ll see who is the winner.

Adrienne Woods: Oh okay I can tell you I believe one of you is correct This go around So last last episode y’all were in the middle Okay How many accounts have more than a million subscribers So it was 3500 5700 or 8,000 Mr Kinsley I believe you had 8,000 Mr Moneymaker I think you said 3,500 The actual answer is 8,000 [00:15:00]

Mark Kinsley: Hold on

Adrienne Woods: channels have more than a million

Mark Kinsley: Keith Tell me what I won.

Keith Moneymaker: You have won a podcast of me

Adrienne Woods: don’t don’t give him that Don’t give him that I have to deal with him after this is over Like don’t I don’t elevate the ego

Mark Kinsley: Keith. Thanks Thanks so much for being on our show. Uh, please tell your beard, if you can hear us. Thank you as well. You’ve got your earbuds in. We appreciate you, man. Uh, thanks for sharing those great tips on how drivers and your delivery team can be great marketers and really help your customers have a wonderful experience and pass along our best to your team Corey and all the, all the crew.

Adrienne Woods: Absolutely.

Keith Moneymaker: invest in your people. People.

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