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Corsicana’s Products Appeal to Hoteliers in Post-Covid Era

Corsicana Mattress Company’s hospitality team is doing something rarely seen on the floors of major hospitality trade shows and events: They are writing orders.

Corsicana Mattress Company’s hospitality team is doing something rarely seen on the floors of major hospitality trade shows and events: They are writing orders.

At the recent annual G6 Conference, the event dedicated to 1,400 economy lodging locations under the Motel 6 and Studio 6 brands in the U.S. and Canada, Corsicana’s team was faced with something they hadn’t previously experienced: Long, continuous lines of customers throughout the show seeking to place immediate orders.

“In the four years since launching our dedicated hospitality division, we never experienced anything quite like it,” says Rebecca Hurst Hewitt, vice president of business development, hospitality at Corsicana.  

Hospitality industry sales are usually months-long affairs, especially when working on renovations and new projects, mainly because hoteliers must plan capital expenditures months in advance—juggling multiple components, including furnishings and carpet deliveries, and scheduling installations for what may amount to hundreds of rooms per project.

Corsicana, however, is bucking the trends. For one thing, Hewitt explains, the message is right. “After a year of price increases across the hospitality industry, we chose to streamline our entire assortment, reconfiguring, redesigning, and relaunching our entire line to offer prices 20 to 40 percent lower than our competition. And, at a time when many are battling huge supply chain issues, we are able to ship in five to seven business days from our 16 factories strategically located across the country.”

In Baltimore at AAHOA CON 22 this week, the largest hotel owner’s association in the nation, and later this month in Las Vegas at HD Expo, Hewitt expects the star performer of the shows to be the company’s best-selling CopperPROTECH 12-inch pocketed coil mattresses with copper-infused performance foam that is antimicrobial, antibacterial and resists odors.

 “In our newest line introduction, we’ve upgraded our CopperPROTECH Collection with innovative fabrics that are both moisture- and stain-resistant, yet still offer an incredibly soft and comfortable sleep surface,” she says. “Copper-infused performance foam draws heat away from the body to provide a cool sleep experience for the guests. Additionally, copper is the most recycled metal in the world, and never loses it efficacy. This gives hoteliers an ability to talk to their guests not only about the healthy and comfortable environments they are creating for the guest experience but also about how they are supporting the planet with an environmentally friendly product story.”

For the price-conscious attending AAHOA, Hewitt said the company focused on queen mattresses at the eye-popping opening price point of $215.

“Corsicana is quickly making a name for itself in the hospitality arena as the value-driven leader. Hoteliers are beginning to realize that along with competitive price points, we have mattresses for every type of hotel at every level, from economy scale properties to, midscale, upscale and luxury, including high-end boutiques and resorts. Once a hotelier experiences our quality, and how quickly we can deliver the products, well, it’s no wonder they are lining up to talk with us.”

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