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Cooksy Brings New Technology To Nationwide Marketing Group

It’s often said that when a customer finds that perfect suite of appliances and go to make the purchase, they quip, “Now all I need is a chef. Do you sell those, too?”

Now Nationwide Marketing Group retailers can now be at the ready with the perfect response: Cooksy.

Though not a living, breathing Michelin Star chef, Cooksy can help people cook like one. The Cooksy product, which can be mounted magnetically under a hood or on a stand, uses thermal sensors and an onboard camera to monitor your pan’s surface temperature.

Via a connected app, Cooksy can guide you in real-time through video recipes, telling you when it’s time to add, flip or stir your ingredients. It’ll also record your cooking and transform it into video recipes for your own digital cookbook.

“Successful luxury appliance retailers are able to create a memorable experience for their customers,” says John O’Halloran, director of luxury appliances for Nationwide Marketing Group. “Cooksy is the type of product that will give our members something to talk about with their customers. It has the potential to be a differentiator in this space and can serve as a way for retailers to remain connected to the customer after the sale.”

As a standalone tool, Cooksy adds a thermal line of sight into an area of the kitchen that’s long been a guessing game. Unlike the oven, which can be set to a specific temperature, cooktops can give the common chef fits when it comes to knowing precisely how hot the cooking surface actually is. When you mix in the community aspect of the Cooksy platform, the potential of the product takes shape.

“The community is just as important as the hardware,” says Andreas Hansen, a board member at Cooksy. “In addition to the sous chef that can teach you how to cook, you can interact with the Cooksy community, share your recipes and learn from others.”

Cooksy has worked with appliance retailers to help them carve out communities of their own with their customers. Hansen says the platform provides the perfect opportunity to share recipes with and remain connected to the customer after the sale.

“We’ve had retailers create their own personalized video cookbooks within the Cooksy community just to share them with their clients,” says Hansen. “And now, you’re in their home, teaching them how to cook on the appliance they just purchased from your store. That ongoing engagement and recognition of your brand — that’s where the true potential lies with Cooksy.”

Nationwide Members interested in learning more about Cooksy can check out their vendor page on MemberNet or contact John O’Halloran at

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