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‘Come Back to Bed’ Book Becomes #1 Amazon Bestseller

A book that was written to help mattress and furniture retailers attract more foot traffic and build a meaningful brand has become a number one Amazon bestseller in multiple categories, including retail industry

Written by mattress veterans and podcast co-hosts Mark Kinsley and Mark Quinn, the book is described as a guidebook for independent retailers who are looking for ways to catapult their businesses forward. 

Featuring more than 70 foot-traffic-driving ideas gathered from real mattress store operators, Come Back to Bed has generated 33 five-star reviews on Amazon. 

“The recent history of the bedding industry and the disruption it’s enduring is similar to how other industries are dealing with new entrants in their field. If you’re a bedding retailer or anyone in business selling face to face, this book is a must-read,” said a reviewer who goes by Carter. 

Another Amazon reviewer said, “The authors’ vertical is bedding but the principles they lay out are usable in every vertical be it shoes stores to car service experience. Illustrations from elephants crossing bridges, to wall-windows to answering consumer’s questions got my brain going on all sorts of ways I am going to engage my customers in my brand building.”

Come Back to Bed offers strategies and principles to differentiate a brand, form lasting customer relationships, and drive foot traffic into stores. 

The audiobook, paperback, and Kindel editions of Come Back to Bed are available on Amazon

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