SAVE THE DATE: Sleep Summit Oct 8-11, 2024

Sleep Summit Show: Wrapped 2023 – Part 1

…And that’s a wrap!! 2023 is coming to a close and so is the first year of the Sleep Summit Show! We’re recapping hottakes from all of our favorite episodes and reconnecting with guests Greg Law, Kyle Deets, Seth Goldberg, Paul Longman, James Perez and many, many more! We remember their contributions to the industry, […]

Shot 3X, But Not Out: An Unbreakable Soldier’s Take on Grit, Growth and Guiding Teams

The Taliban surrounded Chuck Ritter’s unit and shot him three times. He lived to tell the tale — and redeployed back to Afghanistan. In this episode, decorated veteran Chuck Ritter sat down for a fascinating conversation sharing lessons learned over his 25-year career in Army Special Forces. Ritter highlighted the intense 2013 combat experience that […]

How to Plan 2024 Using The Big A## Calendar and More

Get Intentional and Energized for 2024! Mark Kinsley, host of The Sleep Summit Show, goes solo in this week’s episode shares some incredibly valuable insights to help you get intentional and energized as you wrap up 2023 and look ahead to the new year. So where do you start? First, break down your business planning […]

BedTech President Darren Sparks: Dare to be Different and Stand Out

Struggling to stand out in the mattress industry? Darren Sparks, president of BedTech, shares his playbook for success in this episode of The Sleep Summit Show. Mark Kinsley, sat down with guest Darren Sparks, president of BedTech, to discuss the bedding industry and keys to success in retail mattress sales. Darren spoke about the importance […]

Ferocious Focus: Why Now is The Time To Reignite the Bedding Business Fundamentals

Dust off those sales manuals and refocus your ferocious energy on sales fundamentals! In this episode, Sleep Summit Show host, CEO of Englander Mattress and founder of The FAM, Mark Kinsley, shares his insights from his visit to the BrandSource convention. Packed with interviews from all levels of leadership in the mattress retail industry, each […]

4th Generation CEO of Diamond Mattress on Legacy, Family Therapy, and Growth

Sleep better with insights from a fourth-generation mattress maker. Shaun Pennington, CEO of Diamond Mattress, shares his wisdom on the Sleep Summit Show. In this episode, Pennington discusses his leadership of the 80-year-old family business known for quality, integrity, and innovation. As a fourth-generation leader, he provides a unique perspective. Key Takeaways from this episode: […]

CEO Eric Grindley: Shopper Data from 1,300 Mattress Firms, Sleep Shops and Furniture Stores

Shoppers are only going to one mattress store. It’s true. Shoppers are deviating from traditional norms and if you’re not paying attention you’re going to lose. In this episode, Mark Kinsley hosts Esquire Advertising CEO Eric Gindley who gives us his insider, data driven information about mattress shoppers collected from over 1,300 mattress and furniture […]

Leadership Lessons From A Brutal Path: Author Jeff Giagnocavo on Overcoming Your History

Your past doesn’t have to define your future. In this episode, Jeff Giagnocavo, the owner of Gardner’s Mattress and More, joins Mark Kinsley to co-host today’s Sleep Summit Show. Together, they explore how leaders can create safe, nurturing spaces for their teams and Giagnocavo shares how he transformed his childhood trauma into motivation to lift […]