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Dr. Andrew Weil Fell in Love with a Tree that’s Now a PureCare Pillow

Oprah and Ellen experienced the transformative power of Dr. Andrew Weil’s holistic health expertise, and you can too! In this episode, Quinn and Kinsley host Dr. Andrew Weil, a renowned integrative medicine physician and author of best-selling books such as “Spontaneous Healing“ and “Healthy Aging,” has actively advocated for natural and alternative medicine, earning recognition […]

Warfare Principles in Action: Part Dos with Andrew Gross

In part one with Andrew Gross, we talked to the bedding veteran about the best business book you’ve never read. It’s called New Lanchester Strategy. Gross introduced us to a framework for how to think about market competition. In part two, Andrew discusses how to apply the principles of warfare to gain market share. How […]

Andrew Gross Calls It “The Best Business Book You’ve Never Read”

Andrew Gross is a battled tested bedding veteran who held an EVP position at SSB and was a board member and SVP of marketing for Serta. During his time at Serta, the brand moved from #3 to #1 while doubling EBITDA. He and his team introduced iComfort gel-memory foam, widely considered the most successful new […]

3 Things Consumers Want Hint: It’s Not What You Think

What consumers want.  The famous movie from the 2000’s, What Women Want provides inside insights into the mind of women…and it’s the same super power retailers wish to possess.  In this throwback episode from 2021, Mark Kinsley and Mark Quinn interview, Jesse Kostuhoski, Vice President of Retail Development for the Furniture and Appliance Mark in […]

Best Selling Author Jon Spoelstra Talks 90-Day Theory and Marketing Outrageously

Blast from the past! In today’s episode, we travel back to May of 2020 and relive the advice from Jon Spoelstra.  _____ Sumo wrestler doing a Michael Jordan dunk. That’s the cover of Jon Spoelstra’s book: Marketing Outrageously REDUX.    Dos Marcos have both read the book, used its insights, and had it on their […]

The Sealy Wars

Posturepedic for $29.99?! How can that be, and who would offer such a price? The start of the Sealy Wars is the topic of conversation in this Dos Marcos episode. Bob Hellyer, former EVP at Serta Simmons Bedding, rejoins Quinn and Kinsley to discuss the start of the infamous “Sealy Wars.” He’s discussing how it […]

How ChatGPT Will Change The Mattress Business

Artificial intelligence is getting a facelift and it’s becoming very real.  ChatGPT it’s the next big thing you can’t miss.  On today’s episode, Kinsley and Quinn host Mike Magnuson, founder and CEO of and co-host of the galaxy’s second greatest mattress podcast, Mike It Up alongside Jeff Cassidy.  So what is ChatGPT? In short, ChatGPT […]

Former Serta Simmons Executive Pays Tribute to the Legendary Walter Corky Hellyer

The mattress industry is a family business! On today’s Dos Marcos episode, Kinsley and Quinn, welcome the legendary Bob Hellyer, former Executive Vice President of Serta-Simmons Bedding, to pay tribute to the late Walter Corky Hellyer, his father. Together, they discuss growing up in the industry, how his father’s legacy shaped Hellyer’s work ethic, the […]