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Man Wah v. Raffel Systems: Who Wins?

The nitty gritty, down and dirty of the furniture industry. July 13, 2022 Today I dig into the mother of all furniture knock-off stories, Man Wah v. Raffel Systems. Who really wins in that situation? In my opinion, no one—and that includes retailers. Plus, learn what HENRYs are and what inflation could mean for them, and find out if consumers will […]

Why Did Trent Ranburger Fire Himself?

 Hey Fam, It’s Adrienne! Trent Ranburger fired himself! Don’t miss this week’s exclusive interview with Dos Marcos to find out what Trent is doing next. Podcast alerts: Mattman is preaching the importance of a bedtime routine. The FAM Marketing show highlights six”sticky ideas” Let’s do this!  Tell me something good. Text our Podium number at 843-627-2672. Dos Marcos Show 1Thing: Transition […]

Hey Fam, It’s Adrienne! It’s not too late! Click “Register Now” and join our live webishow starting at 10 a.m. CST! Find out how to save money and drive more sales! Dos Marcos Show. Are Mark and Mark splitting up? Not exactly, but I am co-hosting a new show with Mark Kinsley —The FAM Marketing […]

Why Is the Great Resignation Happening?

Hey FAM, it’s Ray Allegrezza. Today I’m talking about the mass exodus from the workplace — The Great Resignation — and taking a closer look at not only how it’s affecting the home furnishings industry, but the even greater challenge of why this is happening. Plus, check out the latest article by Alex Milstein about […]

BedTech Founder Explains How To Add Value to Commodity Items

Hey Fam, It’s Adrienne! Dos Marcos Show. What are you really selling? It’s a thought-provoking question, and BedTech Midwest Founder Justin Trombo drops some tangible takeaways — including how you can sell commodity items as a part of a larger sleep ecosystem that benefits your customers and your bottom line. Must-Read Marketing Advice. Q&A with an industry CEO? […]

You Can’t Fix Today’s Challenges With Yesterday’s Solutions

​ Hey FAM, it’s Ray Allegrezza. Today I’m talking about the ongoing worker shortage in the furniture industry and beyond. How has the world of work has been reshaped by the pandemic? Microsoft has some ideas, and I dig into those below. Plus, don’t miss our exclusive interview with President David Nielson where he talks about […]

When Real Life and Retail Collide

Hey Fam, It’s Adrienne! Dos Marcos Show. Someone Trent Ranburger loves dearly went through a harrowing battle with cancer. It’s tough being a small business owner—and it’s even tougher when life throws you curve balls. Find out how Trent faced a difficult life adjustment and how you can navigate unpleasant surprises and still run a successful business. Must-Read Marketing […]

Business Is Slowing While Inventory Is Piling Up

​ Hey FAM, it’s Ray Allegrezza. With inflation still putting a big hurt on the consumer, and with shoppers focused on the steadily spiking costs for food, gas, and utilities, I’m talking about how business in the furniture industry is slowing while inventory is piling up. Plus, don’t miss our latest article about what a bad […]

Furniture Today’s Bedding Conference with the Foam Sommelier

Hey Fam, It’s Adrienne! The foam sommelier stepped up to the mic! Dos Marcos sat down with Scott Smalling to recap the Furniture Today Bedding Conference, discuss how Relief Bed is helping the Ukraine, and learn more out about his passion for foam and his role at Emma! Are you helping your customers get a better night’s sleep? As […]

Seeing Through The Eyes of the Consumer

​ Hey FAM, it’s Ray Allegrezza. This week, I’m talking about The Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet, and his advice on investing in yourself in light of inflation and its impending affect on consumers and the furniture industry. Plus, don’t miss FAM stories about the home furnishings industry’s trillion-dollar diversity problem and how smaller retailers can compete with […]

What is the Summer Slump and How Can You Avoid It?

Hey Fam, It’s Adrienne! Summer is on the horizon and all of God’s people said, “AMEN.” Yet, what does this mean for your sales? Do you experience the summer slump? If you do, not to fear! Check out tips and strategies offered in the Amazon Bestseller, ‘Come Back to Bed’ and in the latest Dos Marcos episode. Do you […]

The More Things Change, The More Things Stay The Same

​ Hey FAM, it’s Ray Allegrezza. This week, I examine how consumers are fearful about decorating their homes—which I know for a fact is not a new phenomenon. In my research on the subject, I came across an interesting report called ‘The Study Of Furniture,” and I dive into it below. Plus, don’t miss FAM […]