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The Adventures of Mattman: Power of the Pillow

Hello, Superpower Seekers! I come to you from my office which I dub Sleep Source One— the amazing place I have maximized, much like my sleep, for high levels of productivity and entertainment! 

The Adventures of Mattman: Chowdy from Andy

The word is Chowdy. Ciao and Howdy slammed together like tiny atoms smashing into each other in a particle accelerator. The definition of Chowdy is hello and goodbye. It’s my own personal North Carolina “Aloha!” Chowdy, chowdy folks! My name is Andy Schlesser. I took off the cape and toast-like mattress suit for today’s episode. I give salutations to my friends and colleagues as Chowdy. It’s my sign of endearment. I felt the need to invent the word Chowdy because I love and admire how efficient Hawaiians have it. One word.

Adventures of Mattman: Sci-Fi and Sleep Superpowers (Ep 11)

I’m joining you today from my office in the clouds where the fluffiest of pillows are packed and there appears to be endless space for digital storage. I’m looking out my window at an expansive view of the Apple iCloud. It’s massive, I’ve never seen anything like it. Up here, it’s known as The Big Apple. Between the iCloud, other clouds, and technology in general, today’s gadgets are more like magic every day. It takes a good night’s sleep just to keep up with the pace of improvements all around us. Some improvements have been predicted by movies and TV shows.

Peanut Butter or Lettuce Tea: Which Helps More with Sleep?

Could an Olympics-style contest where contestants eat peanut butter and lettuce sandwiches be the answer to better sleep? Well, not exactly, but exercise and these two foods have been the focus of some Internet chatter when it comes to searching for ways to get better sleep.

Adventures of Mattman: Maximizing Your Sleep! (Ep 13)

Good morning, super power-seekers! Today is a splendid day to get things done! I am coming to you today live from my office where I have everything I need within arm’s reach to be productive. I’ve got the swivel chair set to the right height, my Chamomile tea is piping hot and ready for consumption, and my curtains are open allowing the sun to pour in!

The Lord God Wants You to Sell Sleep

“The problem with most fundamentalist Christians is they’re not fundamentalist enough,” my cycling buddy John Ray yells over the sounds of whipping wind and gravel crunching under rubber tires.  Our legs are pumping the pedals on our bikes—John’s long hair fluttering behind his helmet like a superhero’s cape—as we clip along at 15 mph, climbing […]

Adventures of Mattman: The Caffeine Chameleon (a Coffee Break Update) (Ep 10)

I’ve been running from house to house at the speed of snore helping elevate the heads and lives of the good citizens of Lake Norman. These days the Tyrano-snore-us rex, king of the dino-snores, is out there gaining strength. While I wait for the next snore signal, I have a moment to tell you about how I recently defeated the Caffeine Chameleon!