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Sleep Mask Review: Manta Triple Black and Weighted

What happened when Dos Marcos scored two types of Manta sleep masks? While the boys needed some time to adjust to the feel of the masks, they developed a new tip they’re telling everyone about: practice sleeping with an eye mask. Especially if you travel.

Diamond Mattress takes on high-end market

In 2020, luxury bedding became a $2.3 billion dollar industry—and that’s just luxury. Now, that may not seem like a huge slice of the pie compared to the $74 billion the mattress industry was valued at last year. But if you can capitalize on that significant chunk, there’s quite a bit of opportunity.

No Need to Pivot: Southerland Introduces One-piece King Size Adjustable Base

On the hit TV show Friends, there’s a well-known scene where Rachel, Ross, and Chandler try to carry a sofa up a flight of stairs and Ross keeps screaming “PIVOT, PIVOT, PIVOT!” when they try to round a corner. In the end, the frustrated trio ends up getting the sofa stuck in the stairwell, and scenarios like this are one reason king-size box springs really don’t exist.