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The Billion Dollar Long Drive

When life hands you lemons… …turn it into billion dollar lemonade. In this episode, Adrienne hosts a very special guest – her brother, Nathan Gautier, Development Officer for the St. Francis Healthcare System in Cape Girardeau, Missouri and the founder of the LemonDrop Long Drive, an area fundraiser to raise awareness for testicular cancer. Listen […]

What Women Want

Read the mind of a woman and your marketing dreams will come true.  In this episode, Adrienne is joined by special co-host, Tara Kinsley, the prettier, more energetic half of the Kinsley duo. Together, they discuss problems in showroom staging, what they want to see when they walk into a mattress store, furniture store and […]

Lets Go to the Movies! How Reinvention is the Key to Survival

Reinvention: Producing something new based on something that aleady exists. Movie theaters as we have always known them are becoming a thing of the past. In fact, in the last decade, movie theaters have changed more in terms of service and experience than in the 70 years. In this episode, Mark and Adrienne chat movie […]

Be Unreasonable

Photo courtesy of Next Big Idea Club. You need to be completely unreasonable.    Unreasonable how? In your service to customers.    In this episode, Mark Kinsley returns to co-host alongside Adrienne as they discuss Adrienne’s most recent read of the book, “Unreasonable Hospitality” by Will Guidara.  Never heard of it? It’s book you can’t […]

Battle Buddies: Winning the War Between Value and Price Promotions

Show us your marketing and we will show you your customer base.  The FAM Marketing Show is reviewing a popular Tiktok video and breaking down the marketing principles.  In this episode, Quinn joins Adrienne to discuss the problem with unaccommodating salespeople, industries who fail to keep up with changing times and how the sales you […]

Reinvent Superbowl Ads for Your Business

Why reinvent the wheel?  In today’s episode, Quinn and Adrienne analyze some of the best and worst superbowl ads from the weekend’s big game and discuss how these ads could be made over to fit the industry.  How so? Consider the classic, “is it real or is it acting” Pepsi commercials featuring Steve Martin or Ben Stiller. In […]

How to Fail at a Product Launch

Failing can be your biggest learning opportunity, but when it’s a product at stake, failure can also be costly.   In this episode, Adrienne co-hosts alongside Bedhead Marketing team, Brandon Bain and Stephen Ferguson, to discuss guaranteed ways you can fail when launching a product into the market place.    Tangible Takeaways:   1) Heavy lift […]

Microsoft, Elon Musk and Others Invest in GPT as the Next Big Marketing Machine

Generative Pre-Trained Transformer.  If you don’t recognize the acronym, you need to learn it and what it does, ASAP. On today’s special FAM Marketing Show episode, Mark Quinn joins Adrienne and professional FMS co-host Julia Rosien to chat the next marketing phenomenon. GPT, according to Wikipedia, is an “autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce […]

Pictures Tell Stories: How Digital Images Sell Your Brand

It is said, a picture is worth a thousand words.  In social media, they are worth likes, clicks and a requisite part of brand awareness.  In today’s episode, Julia Rosien returns to co-host alongside Mark and Adrienne to discuss the importance of digital images in social media. From when to use static images, whether to use […]

Using Data to Read the Mind of the Consumer

Do you want to read your customer’s mind?  What retailer wouldn’t want to do that if they could?  On today’s FAM Marketing Show, bed marketing guru, Brandon Bain of BedHead Marketing, joins Mark and Adrienne to discuss how you can extrapolate consumer data and learn exactly what your customer wants.  In this episode, Bain discusses […]

Recession Proof Your Advertising

Low sales should not mean you ease back on marketing.  On the contrary, those who stay the course with their marketing strategy or increase fair better not only during the recession, but for years afterwards. Back on today’s FAM Marketing Show co-hosting alongside Mark Kinsley and Adrienne Woods is Eric Grindley, Founder and CEO of […]