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Breaking Bad (Habits) with Bob Phibbs: Overcoming the Reptile Brain to Advance Your Retail Skills

Saddle up, retailers – the Retail Doctor is making a house call to diagnose your learning and training gaps!

In this episode, Bob Phibbs sneaks in like Nancy Drew to investigate the mysteries plaguing your sales. Through his retail revelations, you’ll learn the prescription for training and coaching your employees. Take two tidbits and call Bob in the morning if you still have poor customer service.

Bob Phibbs, the self-proclaimed Retail Doctor, lets us in on industry secrets to concoct a cure for inadequate training. He distinguishes the diseases of learning and training, emphasizing the need for hands-on engagement versus mere information absorption. Coaching and rewards are highlighted as vaccines to reinforce training and boost performance. Bob advises constructing a positive learning culture, holding teams accountable, and tapping into personal motivation. The key to complete recovery is continuous improvement, debriefing, and crafting intentional habits. Consider Bob your retail pharmacist – follow his prescribed training regimen, and your sales will be the picture of health. This Retail MD knows the business ills; heed his wisdom so your store isn’t the next casualty!


  • Learning involves using ears and eyes to absorb information, while training requires hands-on practice and engagement of the brain.
  • Coaching and rewards are essential for reinforcing training and driving performance.
  • Creating a positive learning and training culture is crucial for success in retail.
  • Motivation and holding oneself accountable are key to personal and professional growth.
  • Continuous improvement, debriefing, and intentional habits are essential for achieving success in retail.



00:33Transition to the topic of learning, training, and coaching

01:10Difference between learning and training

02:07Importance of coaching and rewards

03:33The problem with ineffective training

04:16The importance of challenging the brain for information retention

05:26The impact of continuous learning and training on business success

06:32Engaging adult learners and holding them accountable

07:08Overcoming the fear of correcting others

08:42Creating a positive learning and training culture

09:25Using questioning techniques to correct and coach

10:55The importance of mindset and motivation

11:41The significance of selling value and building trust

12:48Effective role-playing techniques

14:08The power of greetings and rapport-building

15:18Understanding customer needs and avoiding assumptions

16:43Shifting mindset and unlearning negative beliefs

17:25Finding motivation and holding oneself accountable

19:14Identifying personal why and purpose

20:36Rewarding oneself for progress and achievements

22:04Developing intentional habits and identity

23:45Overcoming negativity and focusing on the positive

25:50Creating a culture of debrief and continuous improvement

28:56Taking ownership and holding oneself accountable

30:48Developing muscle memory through practice and repetition

32:19Becoming consciously aware and mastering skills

34:10The importance of reviewing and analyzing performance

36:20The game of retail and the power of choice

37:42Maintaining motivation and redefining one’s why

38:11The importance of enjoying the journey and embracing challenges

38:31Closing thoughts

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