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Best-Selling Author Jon Spoelstra Talks 90-Day Theory and Marketing Outrageously

Dos Marcos have Jon Spoelstra, former General Manager of the Portland Trailblazers, President of the New York Nets, and renowned author, on the show to talk mattress shopping, Jon's 90-theory to improve you career, and more.!c41b7

A sumo wrestler doing a Michael Jordan dunk. That’s the cover of Jon Spoelstra’s book: Marketing Outrageously REDUX

Dos Marcos have both read the book, used its insights, and had it on their shelves for years.

It was an honor having on the show the former General Manager of the Portland Trailblazers, President of the New York Nets, and renowned author.

He’s famous for using a rubber chickens in his marketing and Spoelstra has gems of wisdom to pass along to any business owner. 

We talk mattress shopping and tires, how to use Jon’s 90-day theory to improve your career, and the most important question you can ask yourself in business. 

Find out more about Jon and connect with him at


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