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Best of Dos Marcos 2021 (Part 2)

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What a year, what a year.

We finish off the best of Dos Marcos for 2021 in this second episode of the two-part series. We recap Dr. V of Miskelly furniture’s infamous, “training as a reward” approach and how he got employees to come in on their day off. We also went back to our interview with Jevon McCormick (who you may remember as the son of a pimp and an orphan) and his life-changing story on how if you can see your goal, you can achieve it. We touched on the importance of roadshows and how vital they can be to building your brand and discussed whether buying groups or the Vegas market are worth the continued investment. Finally, we round out this year by discussing innovation and how we can use it to meet consumer needs—though it is useless if we aren’t using the data to improve our products—and how outsiders coming into the industry need to make sure not to make these fatal mistakes.

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